Monday, April 7, 2014

Dealing with Haters, Blair Waldorf Style.

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So last night, I was scrolling the inter webs, as one does when procrastinating, and I found my first ever  online hate! At first I was a bit like this...
I read it out loud to my friends and laughed a bit, because I figure, if no one is hating on you a bit, are you actually living? Me thinks not. #hatersgonnahate 

Then after reading it a few more times, if I'm being honest, I immediately turned to "Blair Waldorf take down" mode and I had a few perfectly snarky responses, but instead, I thought "this girl has viewed/caused my blog to be viewed over 200 times, who's really winning here?" And that about ended that. So to anyone who feels a bit catty and finds themselves here, hello, welcome…if you're wondering, yes, I do enjoy my awkward jokes and silly ramblings, quite a lot actually. This little blog is called Sarah Smile for a reason and when I look back on it in ten years, I want to remember as many good things as possible, not a million posts designed to catch everyone's attention and please everyone, as if that were even possible. I blog for me, and for those who identify with me and feel like when they read things I post they know exactly what I mean. If that isn't you, no love lost. 

I'm not really sure why people feel the need to concern themselves with what other people are doing/saying (other than a lack of confidence or jealousy), but for god sakes, it's the internet, not real life. I fully understand that as we are all human (and there are some pretty rotten humans out there) it's the nature of the beast, but the internet is a BIG big place and you can have your own little spot where you do everything just the way you want it. I've never been one to really care about what other people are doing just because it's not my place to think I know any better than them or can decide how they should act (and I am also far too busy living my own life), so I've never really understood why people feel the need to be hateful. Since this is the internet, where you can freely close pages and never venture to them again, I really think going out of your way to waste time reading things you don't like and then posting comments about it makes you look a bit a lot pathetic. 

And I know I'm tackling a much bigger issue here than a few barely mean comments about my blog, but I think people need to realize that just because you don't like what someone is doing or agree with what someone says, you don't need to make the choice to verbalize it. Especially on the internet where it's out there in the open for everyone to see and it can't be taken back. *stepping off my soapbox now*

However, it also makes me realize how important and awesome all of the people who encourage not only me but also so many other lovely bloggers are. So to those of you who are always lovely and amazing, I just want to say thank you! You take me as I am and embrace ALL DA WEIRDNESS and I appreciate you so much! You make me feel comfortable to joke around with you, but also share some pretty serious things at times, and I can't thank you enough. Also, I just want to throw out there that if you ever have a question about my life in general or something specific that I posted, please don't hesitate to comment or email and ask! I try to best explain what I mean when I post things but I'm human (surprise!) and I have the uncanny ability to make the most innocent things sound bratty and spoiled sometimes, and I generally don't mean to! Constructive criticism = yes, general hatred for insignificant things = not a chance. 

So yes, I make my favorite pictures larger than all the others, and yes, I am a picky eater who gets uncomfortable when I'm pushed out of my comfort zone, but if those are your biggest criticisms, I am seriously okay with that. So...

Sorry 'bout it! See you lovelies tomorrow with a much better, actually important post, I promise!
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  1. That last gif! Basically me on a Monday morning.

    I think it's really important to remember that blogs are basically a conversation between blogger and reader so any concerns that people have can usually be cleared up with a simple comment or email to you. No need to go straight down the hate route!

    I really appreciate how candid and completely honest you are in every single one of your posts and I'm so thankful for your blog being a ray of sunshine at all times. I'm in awe of how well you deal with any kind of negatively and come out the other side even more positive!

  2. How unfortunate that you aren't posting something that is pleasing to that one particular person! Obviously they were never taught that the world doesn't revolve around them. I agree with Amy that had the reader had concerns then he or she should have just emailed you rather than sending hate. That is an ever growing problem with the internet - people feel so big and bad behind the keyboard without realizing that all actions have a consequence.

    Glad to see you handling this with grace and a positive attitude.

  3. Great response. Very well said!

  4. This post is perfect in so many ways.
    Thank you for being the ray of sunshine on my feed almost every day!

  5. I love this! One for your infinite references to Blair! She is my spirit animal!!! But also for your positive attitude!!! Haters gonna hate! ;)

    Also I love your blog! You have a really great voice in your posts!

  6. Wholeheartedly agree. :) Don't let it get you down!! You're adorable, and I *love* your optimism.



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