Wednesday, April 9, 2014

James Franco did what?

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Okay, so let's discuss this whole James Franco thang. Not to say that this is particularly newsworthy, but I find it both funny and insanely creepy, and I wanted to talk to you guys about it and see what your opinions are! Ooh, look at's like I'm a real life blogger talking about current events, ooh err.
So, incase you live under a rock and/or don't pay attention to any form of social media, recently, James Franco got himself into a bit of a snafu. Apparently, he met a 17 year old outside of his Broadway show, Of Mice and Men, and he asked her to tag him in her Insta vid (one she took of him, obviously). Up til now, pretty standard. 
Apparently, after she tagged him, they had a small conversation over Instagram. 
Okay, now this is awkward. I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt and say that 18 is legal (well, she's nearly 18 anyway), so on his part, we haven't dived into the deep end of creeper town just yet. But I feel seriously sorry for this girl's boyfriend who I'm 100% sure has seen this. Now, I absolutely know that should Harry Styles ever chat with me IRL I will not be able to keep my cool, but girlll, get it together. 
These messages end with him asking "What's your #?" and her saying "What do you mean #?" Do you see what I'm getting at ? 
Thennn, even though the next messages are private, this girl clearly wasn't concerned about how she would look (she definitely thought she'd come out looking super cool), because she shared their private messages as well. And oh boy, do they make me cringe. 
Basically, she doesn't want to see him unless he is in fact James Franco which then involves two creepy selfies, and then he asks her if he should get a room where she is staying (with her mother I might add!!!), and then he has the sassiest attitude when she just isn't sure that it's him because let's face it, this all seems pretty dodgy to me. 
So my overall opinions are as follows:
1. He should totally find someone his own age, but in his defense, maybe she seemed mature and cool and didn't treat him like an alien, and it's not like you ask someone for their age when you first meet.
2. He should have asked her for dinner (or something a little less creepy and not to mention in a public place). Because, yes, I get it, people recognize him, but seriously? They just met. Asking to meet her in a hotel room is both pervy and creepy and we all know he wasn't inviting her over for boardgames - where are your morals Franco? And again, where is this girl's mother? Because I mean, not trying to hate on her, but she's seeming like a slut.  
3. And then, when she doesn't answer quickly, he's quick to say adios which just really rubs me the wrong way. Sort of like he is trying to pressure her into answering and I just don't like it. And then she says she'll come back when she's 18 which is just sort of like, what? He doesn't want to meet up with you later, it's kind of a now or never thing and again, I don't like it. 
4. You're talking to a 17 year old girl that you're trying to hook up with and you think she isn't going to tell here friends? Try again, bud. 
5. Total sass attack when she wants more proof and then calls him dodgy. Proper strop right there and I actually love it. I mean I get that she's only interested if he is who he says he is, which I half agree with because, I mean, this guy could be a creepy kidnapper, but she also sounds super gold diggerish…way to make him feel used. 
6. The whole thing is just weird and awkward and has a tinge of perv all over it. I get that it's probably hard for him to talk to normal people because I'm sure lots of them react like this, but I'm assuming that is he picked ones closer to his age (35, btw), this whole thing would work out a lot better…and probably wouldn't get plastered on the internet. 
7. All in all, I think they're both wrong. They both really need to up the respect for themselves and each other and find people their own age. 
8. Last note - I did appreciate the way he handled it on Kelly and Michael, very open and honestly, but I think if he had kept it a little less creepy from the offset, people would never have cared about her age. Also, if this is just promotion for his new movie (featuring an inappropriate teacher-student relationship), I am going to be so pissed. That would just be weird…very effective and sneakily manipulative, but weird.  

What do you think about the whole thing? 
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  1. I've nominated you for the very inspiring blogger award. All the info's here:

  2. So I must live under a rock! Lol
    This was so creepy for real! Like c'mon! He was such a perv. Obv he only wanted her for one thing which is actually really sad.
    Love all your insights. Agreed

  3. I totally agree with everything you wrote. This convo made my skin crawl!


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