Friday, April 4, 2014

Southern Bell Candle Co. + promo code

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As fun as it was to recap my trip and share all my pictures with you, I am SO excited to finally be able to share my newest find with you! Audra, from Southern Belle Candles, contacted me the day I got back from my trip to ask me if I would want to test out a candle. Let me just say that the company slogan is "Why buy a Yankee when you can have a Southern Belle?" So you can about guess what I said…yes, please! 

"Southern Belle Candles Company provides beautiful, fragrant candles inspired by a sense of well-being that comes from experiencing the delights of family, home, and southern culture.
Whether it's sipping a refreshing mint julep under fragrant pines, or hearing the wind rustle through stately magnolias, or even biting into a delicious peach or warm piece of pecan pie these traditions remind us just how blessed we are to be Southern Belles.
Our company was built on the traditions of large family dinners, days on the lake with friends, or a neighborhood barbecue. The warm diffusion of our lighted candles sets the ambiance of peace, tranquility, and warmth when family and friends get together to enjoy each other's presence.
Southern Belle Candle Company is a woman owned business located in beautiful Raleigh, NC. All our candles are made with 100% soy and 100% love right here in the USA."

They somehow managed to wrap up everything I love about the South right there. 

Long story short, I received a Mint Julep in the mail and literally could not take pictures fast enough before I could try it! 

Can we just talk about this packaging? The bow! The belle! So precious!

When I got over my packaging excitement, I got to the really good stuff…the actual candle. I am not one for overly sweet scents, I actually tend to go for the spicier scents, but this was a perfect middle ground. It has a bit of sweet from the mint but also a bit of spicy and I'm not quite sure how the formula manages to be light but still fill up the room! I can already tell this is going to be my summer scent because every time I smell it I think of the beach and relaxing in the sun! 
I also happen to think this would make a great Mother's Day present, which is May 11th, for all you slackers out there! #guilty 

I have literally been displaying on my desk like this for the past week…#tooadorable 

It is literally burning in front of me while I write this and I can't even properly explain how good my room smells..think summer picnic in the shade with a drink in hand!

Candle Quick Facts:
* 100% All Natural Soy Wax
* Burns for 80 Hours
* 10 oz Candle
* Organic cotton wick
For all of you lovelies who want to try out a candle for yourselves, I highly recommend it! In fact, I even have a cheeky little code for 20% off! 

Go ahead, check out their website here (so many wonderful scents!) and enter "smile20" at checkout! That Pecan Pie is awfully tempting…and the High Cotton…and Georgia Peach..eep! 

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P.S. - Yes, I was sent the candle fo' free, but all opinions are my own…as always! 
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