Saturday, May 24, 2014

#mysummerstyle Linkup!

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I am so SO excited that the day of my first ever blogger link up is here! More bloggers than I ever thought wanted to be a part of it and the fact that they are all bloggers that I really enjoy reading and admire is awesome! Join in the fun by using the #mysummerstyle hashtag on any form of social media and make sure to visit at least two other blogs and share the love! 
To kick us off, I thought I'd be extremely literal and post about my favorite summer styles! At the moment, I'm loving anything flowy, lacy, or bright…and sometimes all three! I am loving the flouncy bathing suit trend and found loads of cute prints on all sorts of sites, including H&M, PacSun, Victoria's Secret, Forever 21, and American Eagle. Also, a good Am.Eagle find are those adorable stripy sandals. I haven't really shopped at AE since I was in high school, but that flowy top and those sandals are making me want to venture that way in the mall! Even though the seersucker bikini is scarily priced at $100, I have literally wanted this exact suit since two summers ago (I mean, seersucker and a bow??), and I think I'm about ready to pull the trigger on that purchase. #todiefor 
As far as accessories go, can we just all take a moment to appreciate Lilly Pulitzer's newest masterpiece Lobstah Roll? I need one of everything please. I really have been trying to pull off aviators, but it just really isn't happening for me…I do love the light, effortlessly cool look of them for summer though.  
I usually have my toes painted with French tips all year long, but when the polish is chipped and I don't have time to go get it done again, I always go for a classic red. I love of all of Butter London's colors, but this red is edging it's way into my top faves of all time. 
Also, Revlon lip butters are the best lip product ever for someone as color shy as me, and I want one in every shade for the summer. They go on so easily, they give you just the perfect wash of color, and they don't dry your lips at all…need I say more? 
Last but certainly not least, I am absolutely on board with the neon/pastel purse trend at the moment. It is so fresh and springy without being tacky, and I'm all about it. My BFF Caroline just got a mint Kate Spade mini and I am 100% green with envy. 

Anddd, y'all should know by now that I absolutely love making playlists, so of course, here is my summer playlist volume 1. Press shuffle and enjoy it. 

What is your #summerstyle?
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Friday, May 16, 2014

Friday Faves

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This week has been a pretty good one. I just finished (about 5 minutes ago) my application to Nottingham and I've been working at the House of Representatives in Baton Rouge for a good bit now, so all in all it's been pretty good. I'm glad to be done with school and have all my study abroad stuff done so I can finally buy my plane ticket and fully focus on England! Here's what I've been loving this week: 

Old Music 
I very rarely listen to the radio. Mostly because I absolutely detest commercials, but also because I cannot stand the majority of cookie-cutter pop and rap music. I just don't like it and it doesn't suit my taste or improve my mood generally. Lately, I'ver been loving A Sunday Kin of Love by Etta James and Hallelujah I Love Her So by Ray Charles. I love the realness of the music with all the pops and cracks and it makes me feel like I'm at a 50s wedding or something. 

Another Netflix obsession. At first, I held off on watching this because I hate "Southern" shows that are so over exaggerated and cheesy, but this one isn't bad! Yes, the accents and wardrobe can be a bit much, but all in all I really like it. My dad thinks it's a night time soap opera, but I love it! 

This seems like such an obvious thing, but so genius all at the same time. You register here, download the button for your bookmark bar, and then go about your online shopping. When you see something that you like but don't want to purchase right away, you hit the button and Poach keeps track of it for you. When the item goes on sale, you're notified, and voila! 

The Fault in Our Stars 
Yep, I caved. I finally read the book because I knew I was going to see the movie ASAP when it comes out. There is a full post coming on this later, but I really loved it. Yes, it's sad, but death is a part of life and I think John Green wrote it really well. He didn't try to glamorize cancer and living with a disease like that, but he also didn't portray it in an overly cynical, jaded sort of way. I'd recommend it to everyone, boys and girls alike, but don't read it at work…#cryingatmydesk 

Vivianna Does Makeup
I've watched Anna's YouTube videos for a while now because I seriously want to be her and Lily's third BFF, but recently I've been really loving her. I skip all of her blog posts and vids first and I really love her weekly vlogs. They are fun to watch as you get to see bits of London and other parts of England, but they are also funny and honest and I just adore them! Plus, I tweeted at her the other day and she responded, which I know she does for lots of people, but that says a lot about her that she takes time out of her day to make her viewers feel special, and I appreciated that.
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P.S. - You can still sign up for #mysummerstyle linkup here! It's all happening on May 24th and I've got some lovely bloggers participating, so come join in! 

Thursday, May 15, 2014

One Tree Hill Playlist

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You guys should know by now how obsessed I am with One Tree Hill. I love the characters and the not overly cheesy/vomit-indusing storyline (#Naley4eva), but I love the soundtrack the most. I love the way they work music into the series so well, especially in the more recent seasons with Tric. My favorites of the bunch would be Always Love by Nada Surf, Naive by The Kooks, and The Good Kind by The Wreckers. This playlist is perfect for long drives, reading in your room on a rainy day, and any other time you want a bit of mellow background music with awesome lyrics. Enjoy! 

Also, wishing a very Happy Birthday to my daddy today! Love you, Daddy (even though you will probably never see this)! 

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Friday, May 9, 2014

Friday Faves

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I cannot explain to you how overjoyed I am that it is Friday. I have one more exam at 5:30 and then I am officially done with my second year of college. It doesn't feel real that I'm halfway done with university, but there's a whole 'nother post coming on that later. For now, here are the things that I've been absolutely loving to get me through these past few weeks. 

One Tree Hill
There is gaping hole missing from my life now that I've finally finished this series. I used to watch a bit my junior and senior year, but never watched the last season because I was too busy and missed too many to get into a routine. Watching from the beginning was so much better and I totally fell in love with all of the characters and their stories. One Tree Hill now rivals Gossip Girl for my favorite TV series and I will probably watch it all over again this summer. I will def be making my husband watch it so we can be just like Nathan and Haley…I recommend this show to everyone…obviously. 

Mac Corduroy as eyeliner 
I go through phases where I absolutely hate eyeliner, pencil and otherwise, and this is one of them. I recently bought a really good marker-like liquid eyeliner but I just cannot get my eyes to look even and/or how I want them to look consistently, so I had given up. I've now started using Mac Corduroy with an eyebrow brush just above my top lashline and I'm obsessed. It is the perfect brown to thicken the look of my lashes but it is smudged out enough to not need to be perfect and to still look effortlessly natural. 

Fancy - Iggy Azelea
I really hated on this song. A lot. And then I listened to one of Amy's playlists and the obsession started. I now listen to it before each of my finals as my "pump up" song and it is little by little working it's way into my everyday playlists. It's not anything special music or lyric wise, but it is addicting. 

If you know me, you know that I'm obsessed with The Smiths. Morrissey's voice is just so amazingly different and I love both the music and the lyrics. Recently, I started listening to Morrissey's solo albums and while some of them are a total miss for me (it's just not the same), Every Day is Like Sunday, Irish blood, English Heart, Satellite of Love, Suedehead, and That's how People Grow Up are on constant repeat. Irish Blood, English Heart's lyrics are just awesome. 

Look Up
Just watch it. The message is so incredibly true and even though we all know it, we choose not to acknowledge it. So my goal during the summer is to consistently to "look up." Hopefully, by the time I'm in England, it'll be a habit and I'll have the best time I can have! 

That's all for this week! Have a great weekend!

What have you been loving this week? 
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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The Struggle is Real

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Out of all the things I'm fearful of, emotions practically top the list. Or atleast the fear of being vulnerable and trusting other people with my emotions…does this happen to anyone else? 
Not that I don't feel them or wish that I didn't, just that I'm always afraid to show them. In high school, I got a reputation for being kind of a b**ch and while I felt like that wasn't really who I am, I also didn't try to change it, because being rude made me feel powerful and being emotional about things, or at least showing it, made me feel weak. How stereotypical, I know. 
I get very anxious about things…very often. I don't like to be vulnerable in front of other people or trust people enough to take the chance to tell them how I feel about things and this has affected my life in ways I didn't expect. It makes relationships very hard, especially with family, because I'm quick to cover up hurt feelings with angry words. This also affects relationships with guys because no way am I letting a guy know what I'm thinking or how I feel about something. 
A lot of people think that I am conceited, or arrogant, or snobby and judgmental, and sometimes I have moments of each of those I guess, but overall I'm just scared of a lot of things. I don't party because drinking and big crowds makes me nervous, not because I think it's below me and people who do it are stupid. I actually truly wish I was more carefree and less fearful, so I guess in a way I envy that in them. I don't hookup with people or believe in sex before marriage because of my personal faith, but I am by no means judging people who feel that is the right path for them, just because I know it is not the right path for me. 
I think it's important to just put it out there that I struggle with these things, not just for me, but because I think it's something important that people who know me should know. 
People often joke about me not having emotions, and I often join in, but it's more about me not knowing how to handle them and pushing them aside than not having them at all. For example, the other day I read Amy's post and really loved it, so I wanted to leave a comment expressing that, but I wrote it and rewrote it a million times and then considered not even leaving a comment because I wasn't sure what she'd think about it. I felt awkward and embarrassed and it literally almost made me delete my comment. And this has happened multiple times. 
I avoid being sweet or kind sometimes because I feel like I'm not "doing it right" and that causes me to not be who I really am, and I'm starting to realize that everyone expresses things in their own way and that's okay. 

Deep inside, she knew who she was, and that person was smart and kind and often even funny, but somehow her personality always got lost somewhere between her heart and her mouth, and she found herself saying the wrong thing or, more often, nothing at all.
                                                                            — Julia Quinn

Being honest and open makes me uncomfortable for the most part and so I push people away, because that's easier than taking a chance on them, and that is something I really want to change. I want to be confident enough in who I am and how I feel about things to voice it, and if someone doesn't react to my kindness with kindness, then I don't need them in my life, and it's that simple. I don't want to be scared of being the silly, thoughtful, kind, sometimes awkward person that I am because I am afraid people won't accept it, or make me feel ashamed about it. 
I don't really know how to change my approach to it, but I've been trying a little each day to say or do kind things when my automatic response is just to not respond (or to respond harshly - it's a problem). I have been focusing more on being honest about how I feel rather than pushing it away and pretending it isn't there. I think expressing how you feel about things is important, because in my experience, not expressing it made me angry, and mean, and just overall unapproachable, and that's not how I want to be. 
So overall, I guess this post doesn't really have a point other than blubbering on about the struggle I've been feeling inside myself. It is easy for me to be aloof and seemingly careless, but that isn't really who I am, and I don't want people to only see that side of me. I'm not really sure how to be more okay with being vulnerable but I'm working on it, and I guess that's the most important thing. 
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P.S. - After re-reading this multiple times before sucking it up and hitting publish, I realize that this post is pretty open and raw, and the most vulnerable I've been in a while, so thanks blog-o-sphere for pushing me out of my comfort zone in a pretty comfortable way, even though I'm feeling very awkward about it. 

Monday, May 5, 2014

Blog Photo Shoot with Tori Ellen Photography

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This past Saturday, I got to go have lots of fun downtown and take a few photos with one of my good friends (and also my roommate), Victoria. It was a beautiful day and the weather was absolute perfection. We started the day at the Baton Rouge Farmer's Market, which was amazing. I had never been but they had an inside part to buy food and eat, and then the entire street outside was blocked off and there were tons of little booths set up. Even though we didn't have time to look at everything, we did stop for breakfast, where I ate a cinnamon role as big as my head. Oy vey. 
We then headed down to what it quickly becoming my favorite BR place, the Old Capital! Here are a few of my favorite snaps...

This is my "Ahh, home sweet home…I'm moving in" pose. 

Me in mid laugh because Victoria's boyfriend, Dalton, has a "turn down for what" button on his phone and it's quite hilarious. 

Standing in the Old House Chamber last used in 1882!

I really love all of the photos that she took, but I narrowed it down to my absolute faves! It was so much fun working with Victoria and getting to see the photographer side of her and I'm so pleased with these pictures! I hadn't had non-iphone photos taken since senior pictures so it's nice to have some high quality snaps! If you'd like to see more of the shoot or contact Victoria (if you're based in Louisiana), you can do so here! She does families, seniors, bridal, etc…so contact her if you need photos for an event! 

Happy Monday! How was your weekend? What are you looking forward to most this week? 
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