Monday, June 30, 2014

Top 5 Moisturizers for Dry, Sensitive Skin + Highstreet Dupe

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Neutrogena Ultra Gentle Soothing Lotion // This stuff has been my go to for at least a year now. I have dry skin for the most part, and some minor oiliness towards the end of the day, so this is great for the moisture I need, without the oil I don't. It blends into my skin very quickly, leaving a silky feeling behind, goes well under my makeup, and doesn't have any irritating smells or ingredients. As far as price goes, it is a bit more expensive than your normal drug store moisturizer at $20, but it lasts at least a couple of months (about 6 for me using it at least once a day), and I wake up with silky smooth, moisturized skin. I really highly recommend it for both the summer and the winter, plus it's got SPF 15! (recommended for all skin types)

Pond's Dry Skin Cream // This is my emergency cream. I use this when I've put something on my face that it really didn't like (like salicylic acid) and it is totally acting out. Earlier this month I had an episode where my nose was peeling, my hairline was peeling, and my chin was on the verge of a freak out. Nothing I tried worked, until this. If you don't like an oily feeling, I don't think you'd like this, but if you can put up with it for about 30 minutes in order to get the extreme moisturization this stuff leaves, then it is totally worth it. I'd recommend it for night time, as I don't think it would sit very well under makeup, but after using this two nights in a row, my skin was back to normal. Come winter time, this will be my best friend. (recommended for dry skin)

Simple Protecting Light Moisturizer // This is my summertime cream. It's very light, just as it says, and sits well under makeup. Just like with the Neutrogena, I really like this it is made for sensitive skin, meaning it has no harsh smells or chemicals that will make my eyes water and my face break out. Apparently it has added vitamins and things to make your skin healthier, but I was more sold on the light texture. If you need something to wear during the day under makeup and you have combination to oily skin, I would definitely recommend this. It's just a tad lighter than the Neutrogena, which isn't as great for my skin type, but for oily to combo, I think this would be great, and again with the 15 SPF. (recommended for all skin types)

Clinique Moisture Surge // This was a holy grail product for me my entire freshman year and most of my sophomore year at LSU. I bought it at our campus Clinque with points that were supposed to go towards my food (soz, mom) and never regretted it for a single second. The texture of this "gel-cream" is exactly that. It feels like gel when you first put it on, absorbs frighteningly quickly, then feels like you put a cream on your skin once it dries. My only problem with this is the price tag, because it's about $40 for a small pot. Other than that, for drier skin, it's a miracle and it is definitely "thirst relief" for my skin, which must've been terribly dehydrated before this product came into my life. (recommended for dry to combo skin types)

Garnier Moisture Rescue for Dry Skin // I found this product when I was going through that weird super dry skin fiasco earlier this month, and I honestly think this (after using the Pond's for two nights) is what has kept my dry patches from coming back. It is the exact same texture as the Clinque Moisture Surge (they're both titled "gel-cream") and I think makes my skin feel as hydrated and smooth as the Clinque version as well…and the kicker is it's only $8. As far as the end result, this leaves my skin exactly as moisturized as the Clinique MS, the only difference is the little bit of tackiness I feel as it dries, however that lasts barely 5 minutes, and I can 100% tolerate it. It has no harsh ingredients, comes in a dry skin and a combination skin option (an option the Clinique version doesn't come in) and I wake up with very soft skin….what can I say? This is the dupe I'll be going with from now on. I actually own both versions that Garnier sells and love them both..under makeup, before bed, etc, they're great. (recommended for all skin types)

What is your go-to moisturizer? 

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Thursday, June 26, 2014

What's in My Makeup Bag?

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Pretty self explanatory, this is what I've got in my makeup bag. I sometimes like to pretend I'm Anna from Vivianna Does Makeup and throw lots of fancy stuff on, but for the most part, here are my tried and true favorites that have gotten repurchased over the years. 

Maybelline Baby Skin - this stuff is what I use every day. I'm on my third tube and I really love it. I don't find that it is amazing at covering up large pores, but it does make a huge difference in how smoothly my makeup applies and how long it stays in place, so I love it. 
Rimmel Stay Matte - for a person with very dry skin, this doesn't make it worse, but it certainly isn't for everyday use. I use it with my shinier foundations, like Revlon Photoready, because it evens it out, but I found it to be very drying when used with Rimmel Stay Matte foundation. I'd recommend this for oiler skin types, but for combination to dry skin, I'd only use it with dewey-er foundations, on days that you want to even them out a bit.

Revlon Photoready (002) - This is the dewiest, lightest foundation that I own. Because my skin is dry, this is good on days when I want a lighter coverage because my skin is cooperating, but I would not use this if I had oilier skin. 
Rimmel Match Perfection (101) - I would consider this light-medium coverage but very pigmented, which is awesome. It feels very light on the skin but stays very well during the day and looks very smooth on the skin. 
Covergirl 3 in 1 (805) - I would consider this a medium - full coverage but in the best possible way because it does not feel heavy or tacky on the skin. It covers well isn't too drying on my dry skin, as long as I wear a primer underneath. For most days, when my skin is average, this is my go-to! 
Rimmel Stay Matte (010) - This is definitely the most full coverage foundation that I own. I love it because it makes my skin look bright, flawless, and matches my skin perfectly, but it can be a bit much for hot summer days. It is extremely pigmented and a little goes a long way, so as long as you apply it lightly with a sponge or something like a stippling/buffing brush, you'll be fine! I have dry skin and was originally nervous about the name, but it can actually be quite glowy when paired with the baby skin primer. As far as staying time, I'd say it lasts a good 8 hours without needing to be touched up or powdered! 

Almay Wake Me Up - Can be a bit yellow, but when used under foundation on my dark circles, it covers very well. 
Maybelline Age Rewind - I picked this up because so many YouTubers I watch use it, but I'm neither blown away nor disappointed. I like that I can use it to cover under my eyes or on blemishes, but it isn't super brightening, which isn't my favorite. 
Loreal True Match - I've been using this concealer since early high school. I used to use the matching foundation, but I found I didn't really like the color range. I love this stuff and have repurchased I don't even know how many tubes over the years. It is very brightening and light, but not so wonderful covering dark circles. I'd use it more on blemishes and brightening under the eyes. 
Mac Studio Finish - This is my newest addition to the bunch and I'm really liking it. It's very pigmented and looks really nice when I first put it on, but it can crease a bit as the day goes on. I'm a bit of a freak when it comes to my "dark circles," so I wouldn't say it's perfect, but it's got coverage and brightening down, so I'm pretty pleased. 

Rimmel Stay Matte (003 Natural) - I originally tried this in the "color" translucent and really liked it, but  I still really like it in Natural. I was cautious at first that it would be too dark (pale people probe), but because it has a pink undertone it actually works perfectly. It doesn't keep my skin looking matte all day, but for the most part it also doesn't call attention to my dry spots, so it works very well for my dry-combination skin. 
Mac Corduroy - I love this stuff. I don't really wear dark eye shadow very much so I had this for years before I used it, but now that I use it as an eyeliner, it's found it's way into my every day makeup bag. It's dark, but subtle enough to just blend in to my lash line and add definition without being a clean cut line. 
Mac Yogurt - I like to use this all over my lids when I wear eyeliner or when I'm putting a light brown in my crease, like Mac Wedge. It just helps the create a base that isn't too noticeable but give my eyes a little extra something…and I also just love the name. 
Mac Magic Dust - I use this as a highlight in my inner corners and on my brow bone and I really love it. It's brightening without being glittery or too shimmery and just adds the right amount of glowiness. 
Mac Blush in Dame - This looks much darker in the photos than it actually is, because in person it is a nice deep pink, without being too berry toned. On my skin, it shows up as a nice middle ground between red and pink without being too much of either one (if that makes sense) and does a really good job of brightening up my face. It is the longest lasting blush that I've ever tried and I'm very impressed. 
Mac Matte Bronzer  - This one is a bit of an experiment for me right now. I've never religiously used bronzer and honestly, it scares me, but when used pretty heavy handily, this still isn't over powering or too "Jersey Shore" orange, so that boosts my confidence a bit. It gives the center of my face an added glowy brightness (how many times can I say that in one blogpost) when applied in a 3 shape, which I really like. 

Mac Ruby Woo - I totally don't wear this on a daily basis (the last time I wore it being on New Year's Eve, but when I have the confidence to wear it out, I really like it. I think it is one of Mac's blue toned reds, which means it makes your teeth look whiter (hooray) and is easier to wear, which I appreciate. 
NYX Eyebrow Marker in Deep/Profound - This thing has changed my life. I mean, not drastically, but it has made my eyebrow routine much, much easier. It's really good for filling in where there is a bit of a gap, because when you make tiny strokes it looks like little hairs, and it stays all day. I really, really love it. I used to use powder, but this is just so much quicker! 
Maybelline The Falsies Mascara - The is the only mascara that holds a curl in my stubborn eyelashes and actually stays black all day…'nuff said. 
Softlips in Vanilla - I love Vanilla and I love the feel of this chapstick. It isn't too waxy or clumpy, it's just the perfect texture, hence the name. I don't know how good it is about actually healing sore lips, but it feel great on. 
Revlon Lip Butter in Berry Smoothie - I really love this when I'm going for a glossier effect. It is a very natural, easy color to wear and isn't too much for an everyday look. The feel of this steals the show though…think chapstick plus lip stain..I'm pretty sure I've raved about this before. 
Revlon Chubby Stick in Honey - This is my everyday, never fails me, never have to worry about looking silly, lip color. I love the texture, the color, everything. At first I thought the color was going to be too much of a nude for me, but it actually works with the color of your lips, so it looks a bit different on everyone, but it always looks like the perfect "i woke up like dis" color. 
Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick in 107 - This one is darker than Ruby Woo, but still pretty good about not making my teeth look yellow, which I appreciate. When I can convince myself to put it on, it's great, but I'd definitely recommend it for the fall, as it's a very berry toned pinky-red. I swatched it here. 
Maybelline Master Precise Eyeliner - I bought this because I refused to pay $20 for the Stila Stay All Day, but I probably should've splurged, because even though this makes a great precise line, it deff doesn't stay all day and can smudge quite a bit of you rub your eyes at all. 

Urban Decay De-slick - Because I have dryer skin, I should've have gone for the original when I repurchased this, but I think this was all they had in stock at the time and no way was I going without it. I absolutely love it, will swear by the fact that it increases makeup longevity, and love that it takes away that "too powdery" look I can sometimes get right after I powder my skin. Let's just say, I bought this for sorority rush in South Louisiana in the middle of August and I wasn't disappointed. 
Almay eyeliner in Raisin Quartz - This is my favorite eyeliner when I want a bit of color but nothing too crazy. It looks really nice on my greenish/hazel eyes and is easy to apply because since it isn't black, it doesn't have to be perfect. 
Garnier Moisture Rescue for Dry Skin - This stuff is glorious. It's practically a dupe for one of my favorite moisturizers, and with it's under $10 price tag, I've fallen in love. More about this later, but I would definitely recommend this for dry, sensitive skin. 
Urban Decay Eye Shadow Primer Potion - I don't wear eyeshadow on a daily basis, so I rarely use this, but when I do, I find that my eyeshadow creases lots less. I can't really say that it makes my eyeshadow last dramatically longer, but I do like the fact that it provides a really nice neutral base for the color, so it's definitely something I keep on hand. 
Rimmel 621 Orion Trio - I bought this on a whim because I wanted to wear eyeshadow more, but obviously that didn't work. When I do wear it, I really like the three shades together, but it definitely takes a bit of work to make the champagne color show up. 

I tried to give some pretty good insight into what I think about each product, but let me know in the comments if you have any specific questions! 

What is your must have product in your makeup bag? Do we use any of the same things? 
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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Sorry Not Sorry Campaign

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Alright, so, I've been a bad blogger recently. As in "I haven't blogged in like three weeks" bad. But I think it's because I've been busy with work and haven't had the time nor energy to be inspired by much of anything…until I saw this…and decided to share it with all of you.
The first time I noticed how much I use "sorry" in my everyday life was when I was working at the capitol this summer. Someone walked into my crossed legs while they were walking, I'd say sorry. Someone opened the stairwell door just as I was opening it from the other side, I'd apologize. Someone cut me off while I was walking, and I'd apologize. I really didn't think much of it until it became the only word I'd use to speak to strangers throughout the day, which is quite sad, because really, why do I need to apologize for what other people are doing? Answer: I don't. 
I think this video, while still an ad for Pantene, hits on a really important issue that should be discussed, and I appreciate them finding it important enough to put it out there. I find it really quite brilliant. 
Anyhoo, I could get into a million explanations of why I think it's important to stop apologizing for everything that isn't even my fault (especially to men whose minds it never crosses to apologize - power to the females, yo), but I will instead let you watch this wonderfully amazing video and formulate your own opinions…and then comment them below, of course! 

So, what'd ya think? 
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P.S. - Here's a really great article about it if you'd like to read that as well! 

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Working at the Capitol - My Experience Paging at the Louisiana House of Representatives

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As of late, the posts here on Sarah Smile have been severely lacking. This is because I've been working 12-15 hour days at the Louisiana House of Representatives! I have absolutely loved it and am so glad I went back a second year, even though I wish I had more then 4 weeks there…I'm already looking forward to next year! So many people ask me all of the time how I start working there, what I do, how I like it, etc, so I thought I'd share that here. 
I am what is called a "page," so basically an assistant to the entire house. As far as applying, that part is easy once you find a Representative to sponsor you. Last year, I had a rep from my area sponsor me, but this year I just called about 10 of them until one had a page spot open. For the most part, if you're from their district, they're more than happy to sponsor you, you just have to be 16. 
Most of the pages sit on the side of the House chamber and wait to be paged by a representative, but I claimed a printer spot early on last year. I sit next to the printer during all of session and bring the reps way they print all day long…so exciting! I love my printer spot though, because it is right by the drink and snack room, which means when bored reps get up to get a snack/drink, they stop and hang out with me, and that is my absolute favorite part of my job. I love getting to talk to them about bills, issues that are important to them, campaign strategy, and their political and life experience in general. I love that there are some that are lawyers, some that aren't, and some that have just had such cool experiences that they love talking about. Here are some snaps from last year with my favorites…
Rep. Shadoin! Mr. Shadoin is absolutely lovely. He is incredibly sweet and never makes me feel like I'm talking out of turn when I ask serious questions about controversial bills or about his life and career. He was especially helpful this year because he helped me make a much better, more informed decision about law school and whether or not it was right for me. 
Rep. Harris! Mr. Harris sponsored me to be a page this year (each rep gets to sponsor one person) and I just loved talking to him. He is definitely a "leader" personality, and as the leader of the Republican Delegation he taught me a lot about how certain things work in the House and I picked up a few good tips after sitting by him for 4 weeks! 

Rep. Chaney! Oh Mr. Chaney, this man is amazing. He is like my grandfather when I'm at the capitol, always looking out for me, explaining things to me, cheering me up, and just being an all-around great person. For instance, I had a crush on a boy in the governor's office last year and he "manufactured" errands for me just so that I could run up there every now and then. He is just so sweet and I'm so thankful for the time I've gotten to spend learning from him!

Rep. Brown! Mr. Brown is seriously the coolest, most well-traveled person I have ever met. He always tells me about his travels in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and America and his stories are incredible. I am always so amazed that he ended up as a rep after all of that. He was definitely good at giving me travel tips for my semester abroad this fall! 
Another favorite part of working there is all of the pages I get to hang out with. I wish I had pictures with all my favorites, but the last day is so crazy and not all of them could make it, so here are a few. 
This is the crowd from last year…Trevor, me, Lauri Beth, and Will. We practically hung out all day when we weren't running errands for people, and it was loads of fun. 

This year, Will and Trevor came back, and we kind of added Gaven to the group. Through all the long days and late nights, it's fun to have people to laugh with, start rubber band fights with, and talk about life with. I'm going to miss all of them this summer!
Lastly, another good thing about working at the capitol is all the fun things you get to do. For instance: 
getting to eat your lunch at the top of the tower…27 floors above Baton Rouge 

getting to see the Memorial Day celebrations and hang out with this awesome military band…they make my day every year 

getting to see places in the capitol that people don't get to see everyday…the reps love to take me on tours to the Governor's floors, the Senate committee rooms and the Senate chamber, and the members lounge, and I get to see the basement (which is not very exciting) (this is the House ceiling)

getting to walk around on the House floor, which is not something tourists and visitors can do 

getting to generally walk about the building freely and appreciate all the cool things the capitol holds 

getting to hang around and goof off in the rep's desks after hours…#whoops 

getting to meet cool people like Drew Brees (quarter back for the New Orleans Saints) who I also got to ride in an elevator with…trĂ©s cool. 

getting to hang out at the capitol at all hours of the day and night because it's such a babe..this pic was taken at about midnight, btw…while I laid on the capitol's front lawn…#roughday 

geting to hang out with the reps and have tons of fun..Rep. Shadoin right before he hit a home run up the center aisle and into the balcony…so awesome.On this particular night we had ordered pizza, had the basketball game on the big screen, and were listening to music while we worked and played baseball in the chamber…this is a night I will never forget because it was honestly so awesome. 

getting to be present for some really fun things…like some of the reps having a jam session on the last day…so much fun!

getting to make a rubber band ball twice the size of a baseball and amaze all of the reps…and win the rubber band war…#casual 

Anddd getting to meet the governor once a year…


All in all, if you're at all interested in politics, law school, or just government in general, I'd highly recommend working at your state capitol for an internship, summer job, or paging opportunity like this. I have absolutely loved it both times, even after all the rough days and long nights, and would urge everyone to do it! Cannot wait to be back next year.

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btw, these are all terrible iPhone snaps and most of them were taken from my Insta…please forgive me (;
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