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Top 5 Moisturizers for Dry, Sensitive Skin + Highstreet Dupe

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Neutrogena Ultra Gentle Soothing Lotion // This stuff has been my go to for at least a year now. I have dry skin for the most part, and some minor oiliness towards the end of the day, so this is great for the moisture I need, without the oil I don't. It blends into my skin very quickly, leaving a silky feeling behind, goes well under my makeup, and doesn't have any irritating smells or ingredients. As far as price goes, it is a bit more expensive than your normal drug store moisturizer at $20, but it lasts at least a couple of months (about 6 for me using it at least once a day), and I wake up with silky smooth, moisturized skin. I really highly recommend it for both the summer and the winter, plus it's got SPF 15! (recommended for all skin types)

Pond's Dry Skin Cream // This is my emergency cream. I use this when I've put something on my face that it really didn't like (like salicylic acid) and it is totally acting out. Earlier this month I had an episode where my nose was peeling, my hairline was peeling, and my chin was on the verge of a freak out. Nothing I tried worked, until this. If you don't like an oily feeling, I don't think you'd like this, but if you can put up with it for about 30 minutes in order to get the extreme moisturization this stuff leaves, then it is totally worth it. I'd recommend it for night time, as I don't think it would sit very well under makeup, but after using this two nights in a row, my skin was back to normal. Come winter time, this will be my best friend. (recommended for dry skin)

Simple Protecting Light Moisturizer // This is my summertime cream. It's very light, just as it says, and sits well under makeup. Just like with the Neutrogena, I really like this it is made for sensitive skin, meaning it has no harsh smells or chemicals that will make my eyes water and my face break out. Apparently it has added vitamins and things to make your skin healthier, but I was more sold on the light texture. If you need something to wear during the day under makeup and you have combination to oily skin, I would definitely recommend this. It's just a tad lighter than the Neutrogena, which isn't as great for my skin type, but for oily to combo, I think this would be great, and again with the 15 SPF. (recommended for all skin types)

Clinique Moisture Surge // This was a holy grail product for me my entire freshman year and most of my sophomore year at LSU. I bought it at our campus Clinque with points that were supposed to go towards my food (soz, mom) and never regretted it for a single second. The texture of this "gel-cream" is exactly that. It feels like gel when you first put it on, absorbs frighteningly quickly, then feels like you put a cream on your skin once it dries. My only problem with this is the price tag, because it's about $40 for a small pot. Other than that, for drier skin, it's a miracle and it is definitely "thirst relief" for my skin, which must've been terribly dehydrated before this product came into my life. (recommended for dry to combo skin types)

Garnier Moisture Rescue for Dry Skin // I found this product when I was going through that weird super dry skin fiasco earlier this month, and I honestly think this (after using the Pond's for two nights) is what has kept my dry patches from coming back. It is the exact same texture as the Clinque Moisture Surge (they're both titled "gel-cream") and I think makes my skin feel as hydrated and smooth as the Clinque version as well…and the kicker is it's only $8. As far as the end result, this leaves my skin exactly as moisturized as the Clinique MS, the only difference is the little bit of tackiness I feel as it dries, however that lasts barely 5 minutes, and I can 100% tolerate it. It has no harsh ingredients, comes in a dry skin and a combination skin option (an option the Clinique version doesn't come in) and I wake up with very soft skin….what can I say? This is the dupe I'll be going with from now on. I actually own both versions that Garnier sells and love them both..under makeup, before bed, etc, they're great. (recommended for all skin types)

What is your go-to moisturizer? 

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