Thursday, July 31, 2014

Stop Calling Hillary Clinton a Bitch

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A few months ago, I watched the documentary Miss Representation on Netflix (and I'd highly recommend it). While the entire thing is pretty fascinating to me, the part that stuck with me the most were clips similar to the ones below…clips of people, mostly men, but often times women as well, talking badly about Hillary Clinton. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not the World's biggest Hillary Clinton fan, but I'm very bothered by the fact that we, as a society, have let talking about her, or really any woman this way, be okay. 
I understand that some people find it normal to call women "bitches." Like, yes, I get it, not everyone has been raised where I have or by the same people, and for some people they think that saying things like that has no consequence (like young girls growing up thinking people calling them that is okay), but I will never understand it, and I certainly will never respect it…especially on national television. 

These are men that are wealthy and from good families with good jobs…that happen to be in front of all of America…and yet no one has told them how to have manners and be respectful apparently. I would think that teaching them to be tactful would be a lesson they would've learned as children, but apparently not, because they have obviously been led to believe that saying things that are so obviously disrespectful and sexist on NATIONAL TELEVISION is okay. 

You may not agree with a woman, but to criticize her appearance — as opposed to her ideas or actions — isn’t doing anyone any favors, least of all you. Insulting a woman’s looks when they have nothing to do with the issue at hand implies a lack of comprehension on your part, an inability to engage in high-level thinking. You may think she’s ugly, but everyone else thinks you’re an idiot.
Hillary Clinton
You go, Hillary. They look so stupid and uneducated that they cannot simply report on what she said or did, they must talk about her tone of voice, or her wardrobe, or her favorite designer (which for the love of God why does it even matter?). And omg, God forbid that she wear a tight suit or show a bit of cleavage, because the men of the world just cannot handle the messages that sends and we can't treat them like grown adults that can control themselves, now can we? (I really don't mean to be anti-males, because some of them are just as respectful and upstanding as ever, but I am seriously frustrated by the minority that aren't). And when they discussed her "nagging voice" and said that's the reason she lost the male vote, I honestly could not believe that that was put on national television. Say it's because she wasn't very relatable, or she wasn't a great speaker, or just did not seem fit to govern our country…still weak but anything is better than blaming it on the tone of her voice and saying the men of American just didn't want to hear it…and then to compare it to their wives' voices! Then they had the nerve to say  "It cries." Don't even get me started on that one. And when the last news anchor said that when she comes on TV he "involuntarily crosses his legs"….seriously? How weak of a person are you? I am very confused at the lack of outrage at his utter stupidity and disrespect. Would a woman EVER get on live TV and say these things about a man? No, because that would be considered irrelevant, immature, and inappropriate. Have I made my point? (Sidenote: When you Google Hillary Clinton albums titled "Angry" and "Tired" come up…it is not that way for Barack Obama). 
"Women have to be like Jackie Robinson all the time; they have to represent and lead into the future all the time - the first woman leader you get isn’t going to be perfect; Indira Gandhi wasn’t a retiring blushing flower; Benazir Bhutto wasn’t the nicest person that ever lived; Margaret Thatcher was a fuckin’ dragon and was evil to the poor, but women have to have the right to be as mediocre and morally corrupt as men are - that’s what equality is.
Let me just say, I did not understand how much of a problem sexism is until I started researching it, which is why I'm sharing this video as well. Can we just discuss how much truth there is in that video? Why is it that when girls complain about how guys (some, not all, can't be hating on an entire gender…) act, people treat it like they need to learn to take a compliment, or lighten up, or just get over it and move on because it's normal? I never noticed before really thinking about it how much that places the blame on the girls…makes them feel ashamed and embarrassed for making a big deal out of it or even saying anything in the first place. That is just wrong to me, and I don't understand how we've gotten to a place where people would rather people be quiet about it and let it go rather than deal with the discomfort of actually trying to do something about it. 
"And the more these incidents came back to me, the more I wondered why I'd played them down at the time – why I'd never complained. The answer was that these events hadn't seemed exceptional enough for me to object to. Because this kind of thing was just part of life – or, rather, part of being a woman. And I started to wonder how many other women had had similar experiences. So I started asking around. To my surprise, every woman I spoke to had a story. And they weren't random one-off events, but reams of tiny pinpricks – like my own experiences – so niggling and normalised that to protest about each one felt trivial. Yet put them together, and the picture was strikingly clear. This inequality, this pattern of casual intrusion whereby women could be leered at, touched, harassed and abused, was sexism. And if sexism means treating people differently or discriminating against them purely because of their sex, then women were experiencing it on a near-daily basis." 
Sexism is a serious issue. One people want to laugh at, minimize, and sweep under the rug because it's uncomfortable and tricky, I get that, but that's not an excuse. Whether it's people saying things they shouldn't say or crossing clear boundaries or just staring creepily and making a girl feel uncomfortable, sexism is a daily issue, and it's not a joke. This shouldn't be dismissed as something girls just have to "deal with" as they grow up either, because it's not just sexual harassment, it's being judged more on appearance than ability, it's being made to feel stupid or incapable because of gender, and it's clear sexual double standards, and if that's not affecting girls' futures, not only in their career and professional lives, but also in their relationships and personal lives, then I don't know what is. 
It's just very unsettling to me, because I would love to believe that women and men are equal, because I mean, this is 2014, not 1950, but that isn't the case. I'm not going to be totally naive and think that both in life and politics that things will ever fully change, because I know that it won't. For many years to come it will always be more important to most people what a woman looks like rather than what she is saying. And don't get me wrong, I will never say that I haven't used that in my favor when I really shouldn't have and that certain doors haven't been opened because of the way I look/act/dress, because they have, but I wonder how different things would be if I was ugly/fat/socially awkward/etc. and I think that for men, looks don't factor into things nearly as much as for women, though they do play a part. 
I know that there will be people who will react to this post with a "Duh, this has happened for all of time, why does it matter?" but I don't really care. I don't think it's always been this way, and I don't know how we've become a society who instead of correcting the problem would choose to say things like "Oh, boys will be boys." I don't know how we'd even begin to fix the mixed up way both genders view each other and I realize that these behaviors are some people's so called "normal," but that doesn't make it right, and it's time people said that it isn't okay. It isn't okay for men to respect women less than they respect each other. It isn't okay for women to feel like they can't speak up when someone does something inappropriate that makes them feel uncomfortable. It isn't okay for someone else to judge what is and isn't crossing the line. It isn't okay for someone to downplay sexist things that have happened to you because they don't find you attractive enough to be sexually harassed. It isn't okay for both men and women to judge other women based on their outward appearances and not who they are as a person. And it isn't okay for women to complain about it and then continue to tear other women apart that they don't deem "up to par"…because really, why are looks (and clothes, and social circles, and money) so damn important? (taking a breath and calming down now…) 
As you can see, all of this has fired me up to the point of dedicating an entire blog post, because I just feel like it's so important and I'm so frustrated by the way people down play it all of the time. In the end, I feel like the roots of our rape culture, and body image issues, and sexual inequality, and discomfort at the thought of even publicly discussing sex or anything relating to it, can be traced back to sexism…and that's so important! We need to start listening and stop judging…especially women, who should be supporting each other, not dragging each other down. Just because something is "normal" and has become someone's habit, does not make it right. 
I will just leave this here for anyone who feels like our media isn't completely sexist and our society isn't constantly accepting totally messed up messages about what women should look like and act like, and how men should view them. Please tell me how this is necessary to sell food. 
And let's all laugh that their slogan is "More than just a piece of meat." HA HA HA. 
This would generally be the point when I apologize for ranting, but I'm not going to. It's time people stop pretending that things like this are okay and not totally uncomfortable and misleading. We should be teaching girls to be strong and speak their minds, not be afraid to be who they are because men may not like it, and we should be teaching boys to take responsibility for their actions and respect women as they are and not view them as objects who aren't valuable if they aren't perfect, because newsflash, perfection doesn't exist…not even for righteous old men. 
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P.S. - This is a great article relative to all of these issues and he says it much better than I ever could…especially when I'm angry blogging at 3 AM. #whoops 


Tuesday, July 29, 2014

West Elm Nola

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Last week, I was invited to attend West Elm's pre-opeing party in downtown New Orleans. The store is located at 2929 Magazine Street, a very well known area in New Orleans, and I felt like the atmosphere of not only the store, but also of the opening party, fit in with the area very well. There were many little nooks to see inside the store, with plenty of cute, yet fairly priced, bits and bobs to explore. I really enjoyed the fact that West Elm displays and sells the work of local artisans in store, along with a little info sheet about each artist. It gave the store a very local, homey feel. 

A local school band playing jazz music outside…so fun! 

I purchased one of their ReWined Candles in the Chardonnay scent (they're in old wine bottles) and I'm obsessed! 

If you're New Orleans native, or just visiting, I'd highly recommend visiting West Elm and checking out their selection of home goods, but also exploring Magazine in general. There are tons of great little shops and cool places to eat! 

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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Billy Joel (is the greatest human ever)

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I meant to post about something really awesome today (and will soon!), but as I'm on a mini-vacation, things didn't work out! Instead, today is going to Billy Joel appreciation day, because honestly, that's everyday of every week for me. He's just great. And this was bound to happen eventually. Enjoy. 

My favorites are "She's Always a Woman," "Vienna," and "Summer, Highland Falls." Since the latter two are also his favorites, we are honestly soul mates (in a totally non-skeevy way). I would also recommend "Just the Way You Are" as the perfect wedding song, and "Tell Her About It" as a great sing-along on a gloomy Monday song…he just really covers all the right bases. As much as I love Kate Middleton, Harry Styles, and Morrissey, Billy Joel is my fav. 

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Monday, July 21, 2014

Last Beach Bits + My Beach Essentials

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Today I thought I'd extend my vacation as long as possible and share the last little tidbits with you! It's basically the cool places we ate dinner at while we were there and a few extra bits! 

Me trying to take an artsy pic but also block out the sun from my eyeballs 

The view of Brett's waterway cafe, where we ate lunch earlier that day, and the harbor…
View of the harbor and Brett's taken before lunch! 

Another killer sunset pic. I really loved the atmosphere of Salty Pelican and the awesome view from the balcony 

My boiled shrimp (insert heart eye emojis here) 

There is a store right on Centre St. called "Christmas on the River"…I'm about that life. 

Hannah: "Sarah, you have to take a picture in front of the Coke thing…everyone knows how much you love Coke!" #doitfortheblog 

Sliders! I love this place because it's such a beach bar atmosphere. The night we went, there was a band outside, playing extremely loudly, so we sat inside, but I still loved it. 

Closer view of the deck and patio area 

Hannah and I on the beach before dinner! 

This desert was called "Death by Chocolate" but we killed it in about 5 seconds. So good. 
We went vintage shopping and as much as I'd love to say I took home the trench, my wallet could only manage the adorable Lilly Pulitzer tennis skirt (which is actually a skort, making it even better)...

Needless to say I wore the Burberry for a good 30 mins around the store pretending to be British. It's the small things. 

My Beach Essentials :
Big Hat
Good Books
Sunscreen + Tanning Spray 
Cute Bathing Suits + Beach Bag 

What I actually wear to the beach: 
Bathing Suit (obviously)
Big Hat 
Tanning Spray + Sunscreen
Salt Spray + Side Braid 
Revlon Lip Butter (to feel fancy)

crappy pic, good products. Thanks, beach comforter. 
My Beach Bath-time Essentials :
Beach-y Smelling Hair Products 
(When my hair smells like coconut rum, it puts me in a very good mood) 
EOS Shave Cream (SO moisturizing and smells delicious) 
A New Razor 
Bikini Zone Gel 
(a bit awks but like, necessary…and very effective)
Beach Spray (once my hair dries) 

Happy Monday my loves! 

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P.S. - You can find my other Amelia Island posts here, here, and here

Friday, July 18, 2014

5 Top Tips for Moving into a Dorm

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Since my dorm packing list was so helpful for y'all, I thought I'd post some of my best tips for actually moving things in. Having moved in (and out) twice, not counting Christmas vacations, I consider myself a proper expert (can you hear the sarcasm?). Here goes…

1. Keep like things in like boxes 
I usually label my items with things like "bath", "bed", "desk", etc. It helps me to follow my packing list, but it also helps me check over the boxes easily before I seal them. If I had kitchen items in my bath box, it'd be much easier to forget things, and it'd also be a mess when it came time to unpack. 

2. Mix heavy and light items to even out the weight 
This did not occur to me until my second round of moving in, but OMG it makes so much sense now. Don't put all of your heavy desk things in one place and then pack all of your light things (like pencils, note pads, etc) together. If you mix them a bit (while still keeping like things together), those boxes will be much easier to carry up multiple flights of stairs, I promise. 

3. Check weather reports and get there early 
My freshman year AND sophomore year, it was pouring rain on move out day. Knowing this ahead of time, my dad came the day before AND I had made sure to grab a cart so we could get everything packed before the rain moved in. Yes, I still had to move the last few things in the rain, but I had made sure to not pack my umbrella and rain coat and I only had a few light bits…which made it much easier. 
Also, getting there early has its benefits. My freshman year, the elevators were broken, so there was only one flight of stairs (one to go up, one to go down), and everyone had to wait outside in the heat and line their things up on the pavement. Those who had come early were at the front of the line and got in and out quickly, which would have been SO nice. 

4. Buy things there so you don't have to pack/move all of it
Why this did not occur to me, I do not know. I know for a fact that Bed, Bath, and Beyond will let you pick up items at a different location than the one you buy them at, but there is literally a Walmart everywhere…use it. You do not need to pack lightbulbs or batteries or your bathroom toiletries. You can run to the store after you've moved other things in, and it makes it much easier. The less you can pack (and shove into the car), the less you have to deal with all at once….and it is so worth it. Also, you don't need to buy everything right away. I waited to buy things like heavy blankets or extra storage bins until I needed them, because you don't need to pack/move/store any unnecessary items in your already small room. 

5. Have a plan to pack, move in, and unpack/place items
Ask people (read: strong guys) to help you move in way ahead of time. Know when you're leaving, what time you're getting there, what needs to be unloaded first, and what can be bought once you're there before you leave. I generally even plan where in the car I'm going to fit certain things (#OCD) just because it gives me piece of mind that everything will fit and I won't forget anything. We also planned things like unloading my fridge first so we could plug it in, that way, when we picked up groceries after unpacking, the fridge would be plenty cold enough for them. 
The labeling of boxes will help tons when it comes to placing boxes and unpacking them. You really don't want to just throw them all in the middle of your room, because once you start unpacking, you'll have a royal mess. Put your bathroom things in your bathroom (if it's connected to your room), your desk stuff on or under your desk, etc. I promise, it makes unpacking (and moving around while you're moving in) much easier. 

Please let me know if you have any other tried and true tips that might be useful, and if this is helpful for you, don't forget to pin it and share it with your friends! (;

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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Big Talbot Island + Kingsley Plantation

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Today I thought I'd share another "adventure" I had while on vacation on Amelia Island. First, we headed to Big Talbot Island, which is about 30 minutes away from our condo, and went to the beach! We had been there when I was little, and Mal and I took this picture, 

but I hardly remember it, so I was excited to go back. 

Things started off a bit weird. 

And then voila! It's about a half a mile trek to the beach, but it's so worth it! The beach is practically deserted minus a few tourists, and there are tons of old trees that have been bleached by the sun laying on the sand. 

The water was so perfect and gorgeous! 

That's a crab in there, btw. 

Hannah, my mom, and I. 

Me hiding inside a shelter someone built on the beach. It felt like a deserted island that we had shipwrecked on…so cool! 

After Big Talbot (and about 30 minutes of the air cranked on high once we got back to the car), we arrived at Kingsley Plantation, which is on another neighboring island, Fort George. It's been there since 1765 and it holds so much history. You can read more here if you'd like! 

Back of the main house and kitchen house as you walk up

The stables 

The view of the back of the house from the kitchen house porch. Historically, the connected walkway wouldn't have been there because of fire hazards, but it's nice now for tourists. 

The view of the water from the front of the house….so nice. 

The view of the house from the water. Ahh, just imagine arriving there by boat if you're visiting…too cool! 

The main house from inside the kitchen house and the view of the water 

The staircase to the second story of the kitchen house 

A setup of what the kitchen house would've looked like in the actual kitchen 

A back room of the kitchen house where they would've taken the seeds out of the cotton 

The inside of the stables where they held church 

A map of Florida just to help you visualize where these islands are 

The slave master's house…the nicest of the bunch 

All of the slaves houses were placed in a semi-circle quite a ways back from the house 

From edge to edge, this is how big their houses were…

Well, that's it! I love having fun little "field trips" like this when we go to Amelia, because it's fun to learn more about the place we love and do something educational, instead of just burning away at the beach! 

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