Wednesday, July 2, 2014

5 of the Best Big Sis/Lil Sis Gifts + Promo Code

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Photo Session // 
I think the idea of a "family" photo session is such a good idea. It's a great way to get to know each other while having tons of fun, and it'll make for such good memories. 

My Big, Rachel, and my Little, Ellie! Terrible red eye issues, I know, but you get the picture! 
Handmade Gifts and Photo Frames // 
After all, you'll need something to put those adorable family photos in, right? Anything that your Big hand makes is always so much fun to receive and for newbies just moving in to dorms, it makes it that much cuter and more homey. I still put up the letters that my big painted for me my freshman year and I always love them. 
Room Decor //
Throw pillows, pillow cases, magnets, blankets, etc are such good gifts! Again, when you're trying to fill a new room, you want to put everything that relates to your new sorority in it because you're so excited. I remember on move in day putting all of my Chi O things up and it just made me so ready to start school because I already felt a greater sense of belonging to campus. Also, I once saw someone with the cutest owl trashcan (Chi O = owls) and I immediately wanted it. Finding little touches like that with your mascot on it are cute and easy. (example : I have two owl mugs, an owl phone case, owl earrings, and owl blanket…do you get the picture?)
Accessories //
My personal favorites are monogrammed jerseys with either my initials or my Chi O letters, but I'm also obsessed with my Chi O flip flops. Both are easy to find and especially with the tanks, can be personalized. I loved wearing my new tank on campus the first day and being able to recognize my Chi O sisters, and your little will too. Plus, wearing your letters on campus makes you feel extra cute and sassy…lez be honest. I also really like my monogramed clutch that I was given in Chi O colors. It makes for a cute color pop when I'm just running out for errands, but it always reminds me of Chi O!
Jewelry // 
Recently, The Collegiate Standard sent me this adorable ring, and I think it would make a great gift for your Big or Little. It's dainty and light, but I love that it has your sorority's letters on it. People often think to give lavalieres or other kinds of necklaces, but I've never really seen rings being given, so you don't have to worry that she'll already have it. Plus, I like that while tshirts and things can be passed down, they can also get dirty and messed up, but jewelry can last much longer if taken care of, therefore passed down more generations in your sorority family! Collegiate Standard sent it the very same day they contacted me, I got it very quickly, and their customer service was awesome. I'd highly recommend them! If you use the code BLOG10, you'll get 10% off of your entire purchase and now's the perfect time to order for your future little! 

Are you in a sorority? What is your favorite type of Greek gift to give/receive? 

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