Thursday, July 17, 2014

Big Talbot Island + Kingsley Plantation

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Today I thought I'd share another "adventure" I had while on vacation on Amelia Island. First, we headed to Big Talbot Island, which is about 30 minutes away from our condo, and went to the beach! We had been there when I was little, and Mal and I took this picture, 

but I hardly remember it, so I was excited to go back. 

Things started off a bit weird. 

And then voila! It's about a half a mile trek to the beach, but it's so worth it! The beach is practically deserted minus a few tourists, and there are tons of old trees that have been bleached by the sun laying on the sand. 

The water was so perfect and gorgeous! 

That's a crab in there, btw. 

Hannah, my mom, and I. 

Me hiding inside a shelter someone built on the beach. It felt like a deserted island that we had shipwrecked on…so cool! 

After Big Talbot (and about 30 minutes of the air cranked on high once we got back to the car), we arrived at Kingsley Plantation, which is on another neighboring island, Fort George. It's been there since 1765 and it holds so much history. You can read more here if you'd like! 

Back of the main house and kitchen house as you walk up

The stables 

The view of the back of the house from the kitchen house porch. Historically, the connected walkway wouldn't have been there because of fire hazards, but it's nice now for tourists. 

The view of the water from the front of the house….so nice. 

The view of the house from the water. Ahh, just imagine arriving there by boat if you're visiting…too cool! 

The main house from inside the kitchen house and the view of the water 

The staircase to the second story of the kitchen house 

A setup of what the kitchen house would've looked like in the actual kitchen 

A back room of the kitchen house where they would've taken the seeds out of the cotton 

The inside of the stables where they held church 

A map of Florida just to help you visualize where these islands are 

The slave master's house…the nicest of the bunch 

All of the slaves houses were placed in a semi-circle quite a ways back from the house 

From edge to edge, this is how big their houses were…

Well, that's it! I love having fun little "field trips" like this when we go to Amelia, because it's fun to learn more about the place we love and do something educational, instead of just burning away at the beach! 

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