Monday, July 21, 2014

Last Beach Bits + My Beach Essentials

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Today I thought I'd extend my vacation as long as possible and share the last little tidbits with you! It's basically the cool places we ate dinner at while we were there and a few extra bits! 

Me trying to take an artsy pic but also block out the sun from my eyeballs 

The view of Brett's waterway cafe, where we ate lunch earlier that day, and the harbor…
View of the harbor and Brett's taken before lunch! 

Another killer sunset pic. I really loved the atmosphere of Salty Pelican and the awesome view from the balcony 

My boiled shrimp (insert heart eye emojis here) 

There is a store right on Centre St. called "Christmas on the River"…I'm about that life. 

Hannah: "Sarah, you have to take a picture in front of the Coke thing…everyone knows how much you love Coke!" #doitfortheblog 

Sliders! I love this place because it's such a beach bar atmosphere. The night we went, there was a band outside, playing extremely loudly, so we sat inside, but I still loved it. 

Closer view of the deck and patio area 

Hannah and I on the beach before dinner! 

This desert was called "Death by Chocolate" but we killed it in about 5 seconds. So good. 
We went vintage shopping and as much as I'd love to say I took home the trench, my wallet could only manage the adorable Lilly Pulitzer tennis skirt (which is actually a skort, making it even better)...

Needless to say I wore the Burberry for a good 30 mins around the store pretending to be British. It's the small things. 

My Beach Essentials :
Big Hat
Good Books
Sunscreen + Tanning Spray 
Cute Bathing Suits + Beach Bag 

What I actually wear to the beach: 
Bathing Suit (obviously)
Big Hat 
Tanning Spray + Sunscreen
Salt Spray + Side Braid 
Revlon Lip Butter (to feel fancy)

crappy pic, good products. Thanks, beach comforter. 
My Beach Bath-time Essentials :
Beach-y Smelling Hair Products 
(When my hair smells like coconut rum, it puts me in a very good mood) 
EOS Shave Cream (SO moisturizing and smells delicious) 
A New Razor 
Bikini Zone Gel 
(a bit awks but like, necessary…and very effective)
Beach Spray (once my hair dries) 

Happy Monday my loves! 

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