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Tailgating 101

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Football season is almost upon us, and even though I won't even be stateside to enjoy it, I thought I'd share my best advice bits with y'all. I know when I came in as a freshman, having never been to a college football game since I was in middle school, I was completely lost. I wasn't sure how people dressed or what people did, and it was a rough learning curve. As you'll probably already know, I go to LSU (Louisiana State University) in Baton Rouge, LA, which should tell you two things…1. SEC football (meaning we take it very seriously) and 2. It's freaking hot (meaning I've learned a few tips and tricks to make the most of the heat). 

Here goes… 

When it comes to choosing an outfit, I generally go for a dress. I say this because dresses are much less clingy and much more breezy than pants or shorts. However, I also often pair a cute skirt with a loose fitting top, and it's almost just as comfortable. My number one piece of advice outfit wise is to shoot for comfort first...don't wear a backless dress if you have to wear sticky boobs (you will sweat and then you'll have to fuss with them all day). Do not wear your high heel I even need to justify that? I generally pick easy things that don't require strapless bras, don't cling and have to be "fixed", and don't show sweat. I wouldn't recommend silk, wearing white anything, but especially bottoms, or the crepe material that wrinkles almost instantly. In the colder months (for the maybe 2 cold games that we get in LA), I love to wear a button down, riding boots, leggings/jeans, and a cute scarf. It's comfortable, warm, and totally functional, but still cute. It's also really easy to throw a puffer vest on top for extra warmth and pockets if need be! Comfort is key. The first time I gave in and wore jeans was probably my favorite game ever. When you aren't comfortable, you're not super confident and then you worry about that instead of having fun at the game...and trust me, that's no fun, so wear what you feel good in! 

A few of my favorite game day outfits… 

loooveeee Mattie's monogrammed bag *insert heart eyed emojis* 

I usually stick to purple as I don't really like yellow or gold on my skin tone, but you can also mix neutrals in as well. I'd say pick one of your team's colors to run with and keep the rest pretty simple, unless of course, the dress/shirt/skirt already has both colors in it! 

On the accessories front, keep it light. I don't really like big statement necklaces, especially when it's hot, so I tend to stick to my monogram necklace and/or pearls. They go with everything and don't agitate me all day. I also carry just a clutch or wristlet with the bare essentials...Chapstick/lipgloss, powder compact, ponies, bobby pins, my ticket, my Tiger Card, a credit card or a bit of cash, and my phone.  I tend to carry aspirin too, just in case I have a headache during the game...that's seriously saved my good mood more than once. #alwaysaheadachebyhalftime 

Tailgating 101

Make Up
I have three words for you...Makeup Setting Spray. I will swear by that stuff until I die. I road tested it during the hottest sorority recruitment ever and I'll never go without it. I tend to keep my make up pretty natural on an everyday basis and game days are no different. It's generally pretty lucky if I put on eyeliner or a bit of eye shadow, just because I'm not going to impress anyone (HA HA, yeah right), I'm going to have fun, and I don't want to be touching that shizz up all day, know what I mean? I bring powder with me to touch up my nose or whatever if I sweat, but other than that, I just go heavy on the mascara and lip stain, and we're good to go. Use a matte foundation and you should be good for 12+ hours. Pro Tip: Don't forget sunscreen under your makeup and on your shoulders (at least)…that sunglasses tan doesn't look so hot come Monday morning classes. 

Day Drinking 
Okay, we all know what goes on at tail gates, so I thought I'd pass on my best game day drinking advice (not that it's super inventive, but it must be said). 1. Eat a good breakfast. 2. Start the day with a water, not a beer. (Trust me on that one). 3. Don't drink anything if you aren't sure where it came from or what's in it. I know that sounds like I'm taking the fun out of it and I'm being a mom, but trash can punch is never a good idea. 4. Do the whole "never put your drink down or let it out of your sight thing." It's not worth taking a chance. 5. Pace yourself. I tend to switch to water or soda when I get into the stadium and that has helped me many a time. You don't realize how long of a day you've had and how hot it's been and how dehydrated your body is getting (no thanks to you, boxed wine) until you wake up the next morning and feel like you're just take it slow, you've got a long day ahead! 

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