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Big Ben, and Parliament, and Buckingham, oh my!

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It feel like it's been weeks since I blogged last! So much has happened and every day has been so packed with new places and people and experiences and it's all a bit overwhelming, but in the best way.  I'm going to mix my first two days in London together because my first day was light on activity after my long haul flight!
First off, can I just say that leaving was so much harder than I thought! It's not that I wasn't excited or ready to go, but I suddenly got so overwhelmed at the thought of not seeing my family for 4 months and actually leaving everyone and everything that is so familiar to me. Long story short, when it came time to actually let go and go through security, we actually made the security guard tear up…so that was a blast. It just reminded me of all the times I had to say goodbye to my dad when he'd leave for Iraq when I was little and it's not always the concept of being gone, it's more the actual, physical letting go, and it was harder than I anticipated, but anyway...

It took about an house at customs and another hour to get all the way into central London on the tube, so by the time we got to Amy's flat it was already past ten. I was sweaty and exhausted after hauling those suitcases so I immediately hopped into the shower. Then we of course lounged around for a good bit so I don't think we got out until about 4. We just explored the city and went out in search of food and Boots. 

My first British meal…a Shake Shack burger! (so, so good!) We ate in Convent Garden, but I'll save a post on that for when it's all decorated for Christmas. While we were eating, there was a man doing tricks to the left of us and a woman singing opera on our left…that's what I call atmosphere. 

I have been obsessed with Boots ever since I started watching British YouTubers. Brits just have all different brands and it was so much fun to explore and try out new things! 

I mean, I had to. 

My Boots haul…I'm currently loving all of it. Bourgeois makeup is the best. 

Being that I was falling asleep mid-conversation the night before, day two started a bit slow. I caught up on some sleep and then hurried off to the Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace! 
But not before a quick "omg it's so fall" insta…obviously. 

The Guard riding towards the palace 

The London Eye in the distance 

The guard doing whatever it is that they do 

literally so chuffed with life (Amy decided to take tons of "behind the blog" pics, so that's how this happened)

Big Ben in the distance

Random side note: As most of you will know, there is a lot of tension right now in the UK over the possible Scottish and English split. This woman happened to be stuck in traffic because of the Changing of the Guard and she was not happy about it, so she yelled at the guard, "The sooner we become a republic, the better!" and me and Amy just died. 

We then had a mini picnic in Green Park outside the palace 

And it was beautiful! 

"buckingham palace got me like…" 

As many of you will know I met Amy through blogging and we've become very good friends. I had the most amazing time staying with her in London and I am so thankful for her! And plus, we look super presh together, so bonus! 

When you're presented with the opportunity to selfie with Buckingham Palace, you don't deny it. 

This is literally the view from the Westminster tube station…gorgeous! 

We then went to see the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben…as I' sure you'd noticed! 

The London Eye is just right across the river which I think is so cool. Everything is very close together. 

Amy taking a picture of me trying to selfie with Big Ben. Stop judging, you'd do it too. 

Seriously so chuffed.

Stilllll Parliament. 

Westminster Abbey! (which is just a block or two away from Parliament!) 

Amy and I had lunch at the Cellarium, which is a cafe in the cellar of Westminster Abbey, and we were freaking out the entire time. #tooposh4u 

Can we just talk about the gorgeousness of this picture? The double decker bus, the London Eye, Big Ben, and perfect weather? It was awesome! 

We then headed down to Hyde Park where I found this tree with carvings all the way up the trunk in all sorts of different languages. It was very neat to see. 

the lake in Hyde Park 

Ice cream + swans…what is life? 

There's a little cafe right next to the bridge where we got ice cream, but they also have champagne on tap…yes please. 

Befriending the wildlife, as one does. 


Ooh, artsy silhouette pic…am I Amy yet? 

the SHARD. I am so in love with that thing. 

That night, we got tickets for the London Eye at 8:30 and the line was horridly long. We then got fast tracked, even though we didn't pay for that sort of ticket and it was awesome…so posh. (;

our "we're at the top of the freakin London Eye selfie" 

Snog frozen yogurt served from a pink double decker bus. Step up your game America. 

After the London Eye, we walked along the Southbank of the Thames and found this place. The pizza was really good and the atmosphere was even better. Think fire breathers and a drum circle right in the surf of the river...

And that's it! All in all, it was such a good day and I just kept thinking to myself "This can't be my life. No way am I in London getting to do and see all of these cool things." It was incredible and a day I'm sure I'll always remember and I feel so, so lucky and happy that I got to experience it. 

I'll post days two and three soon and there's also a post on Cambridge coming up, so keep your eyes peeled!

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  1. I was dying reading this post! I grew up in London and it was so fun seeing everything that seems so normal to me from your perspective and how excited you were by it! Hope you continue to have a great time!


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