Friday, September 19, 2014

Tower of London + 221B Baker St.

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On the morning of Da 3 we woke up quite late, but still wanted breakfast at the appropriate time of 1 pm, so we headed out to West Hampstead, where Amy lived last year. She's raved about a place called Alice House for basically a year, so that's where we went! 
I had the pancakes with golden syrup and bacon meal and it was amazing

Is this not gorgeous? 

We then headed to Baker Street, but immediately stopped when I saw a Baskin Robbins. I love their pecan pralines and cream ice cream when I'm home, so I had to make Amy try it as well...
She liked it. 

The Baker Street tube station was my favorite. It is exactly what you'd think a tube station would look like…very vintage and Harry Potter-ish. 

Just stopped by to see Bae, aka Sherlock. 

We spent the entire afternoon at the Tower of London, but I wish we'd had even more time. It really is such a cool place with so much to see and so much history to take in. 
At the moment, there are poppies covering the grounds outside the tower, in remembrance of those lost in WWI. It really is a striking sight to see and it really makes you pause and think about how many lives were lost and how many more lives were affected. 

King Henry IV's bed chamber (I think, please don't quote me on getting the right King Henry)

and his private chapel connected to his bed chamber 

views from the wall walks around the perimeter of the tower 

As y'all know already, I love the Shard, but the juxtapostion of it with the old architecture in the Tower is just too cool. 

The place where Anne Boleyn, and many others were beheaded. 

Houses and offices on the tower grounds. 

*illegal pics in the chapel*

I just love windows really.

This is the part where we ran into the last admission line for the crown jewels...

*my one illegal picture of the crown jewels* 

Traitor's Gate where many prisoners were brought in…so eery to see after having ready so much about it. It's a very small, cramped pathway behind the gate and then there are stairs that boats pulled up to to bring the prisoners inside.  

Me trying to look innocent before doing this...

*illegally hopping into the windows to take artsy pics*

Back story: I saw a little passageway cut into the wall so I ran into it thinking it would lead to something extremely cool. I found an old toilet…this was my very let down and grossed out reaction. 

*yet another picture in an illegal "off limits" place…I swear to God these people are going to deport me*

"Oh, here I am, just exploring…" 

The Tower Bridge. Literally, one of my favorite London landmarks besides Parliament. The weather was awesome that afternoon, was cool and breezy, but sunny as well, and the day was just perfect for our little field trip! 

This was really my last "explore" day in London because the next day I rested and tried to sleep off my jet lag, but I've got TONS of pictures from our visit to Cambridge going soon! 

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  1. These photos are AMAZING! It's so cool to see these places that are hundreds of years old, and know that people actually lived there and went about their lives. Now it's a tourist spot! It's also really interesting how much England does to commemorate WWI. I remember seeing a tiny article in the paper here, but almost nothing else.

    1. I felt the same way! I kept wanting to just touch the walls and think about how many people have walked there over the years! And I totally agree, the UK puts the US to shame in their remembrance activities, but I'm glad to get a chance to participate while I'm here! So glad you enjoyed this post!

      xo, Sarah


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