Friday, October 31, 2014

Risky Halloween

risky halloween

I don't know about you, but I am obsessed with Halloween. Candy corns, cinnamon candles, scary movies…yes please. I'm a big fan of all Fall holidays in general really, but I love getting creative and dressing up. I don't have access to an oven in the dorms here, so I feel a but jipped because I can't bake anything festive (#firstworldprobs), but I think I'll survive. Last year, I didn't do much in the way of a costume, so I did a Halloween throwback post, but this year, I'm super excited about tonight's festivities. 
My costume combines two of my favorites things - wearing no pants and dancing to good music. 
It will come as no shock to anyone that I'm not a big fan of slutty costumes (it's just not my style, but to each their own), so this is as scantily clad as it's going to get, but I love it none the less! I think this scene is pretty iconic and tbh, the costume is extremely easy to put together. I borrowed the shirt and bought socks for a pound…easy peezy lemon squeezy, which only makes it ten times better! 
What are your Halloween plans?

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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Weekend Trip: Brighton

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If you follow me on any form of social media, you'll know that I recently took a weekend trip to Brighton. And I'm so glad I did. 

My favorite place that we ate - The Bright Helm. It's a pub very near to the sea front, just down West Street before Churchill Square, and the menu is great. I had southern fried chicken and Heidi had pasta and we were both impressed. Very well priced too! 

We stayed at Smart Brighton Beach Hostel and it was really nice. These pictures look a bit drab because it was a very grey day, but for hostel standards, this place was nice. It was very clean, super close to the beach and smack dab in the middle of city centre. 

After checking in, we tidied up a bit and then headed out to explore! 

The seafront is gorgeous, but the pier is what really caught our attention!

There are tons of carnival rides at the end and we headed straight for them! Our selection was limited because neither one of us likes rides that go upside down, but we didn't let that stop us. 

There were a few grey clouds in the sky, but as it got later in the afternoon the weather got nicer and nicer. 

We ended the night with ice cream on the beach…before going to see the One Direction movie…obviously. 

We woke up the next morning and headed out the door as early as possible. We had plans to hit The Lanes in the morning, but most shops don't open until 11 on Sundays, so we ended up stopping for breakfast. 

The Lanes are just that, small little lanes filled to the brim with pubs and shops and trinket stalls, and we had so much fun winding down little cobblestone streets and getting a bit lost. 

I saw an opportunity to be Kate and I took it. 

The Royal Pavilion 

We had to have fish and chips on the beach! We ate lunch at OhSo Social, very near to the pier, and were very impressed! 

We then had another ice cream… 

And we ended the day by letting a balloon go for my sister Mal's 26th birthday. Bittersweet, but I like that I got to celebrate a bit for her and take her with me to I place that I really loved! 
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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Taylor Swift's 1989

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I have loved Taylor Swift since she came out with her first album - my favorite song being Teardrops On My Guitar. Yep, I was that girl in middle school. Since then, her songs have basically been the soundtrack to my very dramatic "relationships" and "heartbreaks." I remember sitting in the car at 14 and listening to her song Fifteen and just not being able to wait until I was 15 because I couldn't wait to see what it was like. So, long story short, I love her.
Unless you live under a rock, you'll probably know that Taylor Swift's new album came out yesterday. It's called 1989 and has a distinct 80's sound (hence 1989…), which I happen to love. There are always mean comments that all of her songs are about her past love interests (name an artist who hasn't written about their relationships?), but I happen to love her writing. I think her lyrics say so well things that all of us have felt and experienced at one time or another and when she ties them in with such addicting choruses, it's a winning combo. I pre-ordered the album while driving the minute I heard Shake It Off, but I actually think that Welcome To New York has tied Shake It Off for my favorite. Welcome To New York has such an 80s feel, while Shake It Off is the classic feel good song - perfect to sing while driving around with the top down or dance to in a club…hence my obsession. If you haven't yet, give the album a listen here

If you need another reason to fall in love with Taylor - haters need not comment - watch this video. She's so cool and does so much for her fans and I can only imagine that this made their year. It gives me goosebumps to see how happy they all are and I really just want to be her best friend, okay? 
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P.S. - Just listened to Wildest Dreams for the first time and OMG. It's got a bit of a Lana Del Rey flair and with lyrics like these..
"I thought, heaven can't help me now
Nothing lasts forever
But this is gonna take me down
He's so tall, and handsome as hell
He's so bad but he does it so well"
It's basically I Knew You Were Trouble Part II…new favorite. 
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