Wednesday, October 8, 2014

A Day in Cambridge

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Amy and I went to Cambridge for my last day before heading up to Nottingham. We missed our first train, but we snuck on to the very next one, so we still made it about lunch time. We strolled around a bit, took lots of pictures, toured a few of the colleges, then went punting on the river Cam! I'll try to explain bits and pieces when I actually remember which buildings are which, but for the most part, Cambridge is just a beautiful university and the day was gorgeous, so enjoy the pictures! 

I just love that everywhere you turn there are quaint little cafes and private courtyards

the ceiling of the chapel in Trinity College 

My girl Queen Elizabeth I

I am obsessed with Pimms. 

Bridge of Sighs 

the front of the King's College Chapel…the tallest chapel in England 

Those are dormitories. People live there. arhgioasnf;job. 

The actual tree that Isaac Newton was sitting under when the apple so say fell on his head and inspired his theory on gravity. (okay, so a tree of the same family in the same spot, but still...) 

Does that ceiling look familiar to you? It's the ceiling in King's College Chapel, but also the infirmary in Harry Potter. So cool. 

HR for Henry Rex, aka Henry VIII, who built this...

…which divides the chapel in half. 

The letters RA can be found at the top left (facing the inner chapel) and they stand for Regina Anne, aka Anne Boleyn. Amy and I took forever to find this and I'm so glad we did because we're both massive Anne Boleyn fans and this was so awesome. Especially because you know they probably both touched this, or at least saw it and approved it, and that's just too much. 

Me with my Pimms, my first legally ordered drink. 

All in all, the day was lovely and we couldn't have asked for better weather. I loved seeing all of the gorgeous buildings and learning all of the history behind them as well as learning about all of the famous people and brilliant minds who've attended Cambridge. It definitely feels very posh, but especially in places like the King's College library, which was absolutely incredible, you definitely feel the "scholarly-ness" of it. There is such a prestigious air there and it was amazing. 

Have you ever been to Cambridge? What did you think? 

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