Monday, October 6, 2014

My First Few Weeks in Nottingham

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Now that I've been in Nottingham for a good three and half weeks, I thought it about time that I actually tell you about my time here so far. I really love it and it's not all that different from LSU. There are about the same number of students and campus is about the same size, although here there is much more land space, whereas LSU seems to have more buildings. I thought the story of my first two-ish weeks would be best told in a serious of pictures, because basically, I find them hilarious...
Our first official night out with the Internationals, really chuffed because this is in our Student Union…

yeah, don't judge. #legal 

And then I took a literal TON of these "ooh it's so fall, look at these non-green leaves I'm standing in" pictures 

And then I moved into my dorm and all of my friends wanted Snapchats of people "speaking British" so I became *that* American girl making people say weird things. 

First night out in our Hall pub. Yep, I live next to a pub. #score 

Exploring a bit of campus...

the Trent Building where I have a lot of my Political Communications and Media classes 

 And then Freshers started. For those of you non-Brits who don't know what Freshers is, it's basically a school sponsored Spring Break before classes start. There is a themed party every night and pretty much all 3 thousand something freshman go. I am still recovering. 
Feeling fancy because their cider looks like champagne...

we just really enjoy being legal and living next to a bar...

Night 1 - Baywatch. I loved that pink whistle. 

Me and Heidi

Here we are all bright eyed and non-sweaty...

then things started going downhill...

Now, I know everyone has experienced nights out, so I don't need to break it down anymore, but just for giggles, here's my super chuffed with my red beer before leaving...
And here's me on the way home. 
I just love embarrassing myself on the internet for the entertainment of others. 

I woke up reallllyyyy glad I love next door to a pub for entirely different reasons. 

And then night two…obviously Toga themed. 

Me and Cassie 

Me and Heidi for night 3…I swear I'm a cop. I even bought a badge. 

that nights's party was at The Forum, which happened to be next door to a Wagamama's, which we thoroughly enjoyed. The teriyaki teppenyaki is the stuff of my dreams.

Now on to more important things, like my dorm room…I'm obsessed with my bulletin board, where I pin all my little notes, postcards, and train tickets and things. 

This is how I have to dry my clothes. After shrinking my brand new wool J. Crew sweater, I'm not going near a dryer again. 

My first pub crawl. Oktoberfest themed. The Brits play this game called backseat where gradually more and more people pile on to the backseat of the bus and I seriously love it. I'd never heard of it before coming here, but just after this was taken, I had the "privilege" of being the bottom layer…it was magical. 

Okay, I never let people tag me in "club" pictures, just because like, no, but I thought this once was hilarious. I'm just SO happy. lol 

Yet another snap chat gem…Ocean is my favorite because they play really fun old school dance music instead of like "gangster rap" (yeah, I said it), and even though you leave totally sweaty and gross, it's such a blast.

I found a private library in my hall and I'm obsessed. Floor to ceiling windows and 100 year old books? Yes please. 

And lastly, I never eat Burger King at home, but I've had it three times already. The struggle to find a good burger is real. 

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  1. Glad you're enjoying it. I hope you also made it to Goose Fair - it's overpriced but a Nottingham institution!

    1. You'll be glad to know that that's actually my next post! It cost an arm and a leg but was such a blast!!

      xo, Sarah


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