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Album Review : One Direction - Four

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Today is a wonderful day. I know, weird to say that about a Monday, butttt, One Direction have released their new album, and I'm obsessed. Because I pre-ordered about 7 years ago (feels like it), I have gotten a new song every day since last week. That means I had the advantage of falling in love a week early, but also that I got to be a bit ahead of everyone who is going to buy it today. 
I've spent the morning listening to all the songs I hadn't heard between lectures and I'm really impressed. The sound of the album, as well as the lyrics, are just very much more mature. It fits my music taste better than Midnight Memories did, and I really like that they've slowed things down a bit and simplified them, instead of continuing on the radio pop sound, although I still love their other stuff too. 
Track list: 

My favorites: 
1. 18
Co written by Ed Sheeran, which really makes the lyrics stand out. It talks about love when you're 18 and how even though it my not be the most long lasting, it's the most exciting and all encompassing, and I'd whole heartedly agree. I think they've grown up a lot with this one, and the production of the song is really good as well.
2. Fool's Gold 
My current favorite. While I love the way the song sounds, lyrics really make this one for me. I love that they're are writing about things that are a bit older and more relevant to my life, because it just aces them a lot more relatable. I mean, I clearly loved them before, but they've really stepped up in terms of lyrics this time round. And also their voices sound like liquid gold, so. 
3. Night Changes
Again, lyrics. The song is catchy and I love singing along to it, but I relate to the lyrics, which makes it even better. And I just love the chorus…the sound is really good, very much more serious and grown up than anything they've done before, and it really really works. 
4. Act My Age
I love the sound of this one. There's a bit of an Irish dance type feel in the chorus, which sounds a bit weird, but it really works. It's a different sound for them and I like it. And also, lyrics. #yesyesyes 
5. Where Do Broken Hearts Go  
I really love the sounds of this one. From the first time I heard it I knew it'd be a favorite, and I've been listening to it constantly. 
6. Spaces
I think anyone who has ever been in a relationship will relate to this one, and for that reason alone, even if the sound sucked, I'd love it. But of course, the song sounds awesome and really show cases their voices very well. 

Not my favorites:
1. Girl Almighty
Although the tune is catchy, and I listen to it just like the others, the lyrics on this one aren't my favorite. It just feels a bit like a last minute add on that wasn't their best, but it is catchy and fun to listen to all the same. 
2. Stockholm Syndrome 
The beat is good, but after Harry said this was about a nympho in an interview, I was over it. I just can't. Not a favorite. 

Overall, I really love this sound and production of this album. It's simpler and more mature, and in general I think they'll get a lot more respect for it than some of their earlier stuff because it's not the bubble gum boy band pop that people like to judge them by. The lyrics mean a lot more and the sounds is more compatible with other artists who are their age, so I'm really proud of them with this one. I'd definitely recommend you give it a listen if you're a bit hesitant, but it's 100% my favorite album so far.
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