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Christmas Gift Guide: For the Girls

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Ahhh, I can't believe today is the first of December! Being that I've been listening to Christmas music since before Halloween, I am well prepped and ready for the holiday season. I've successfully held out my Christmas gift guides until today, but I've got tons more coming, so get your Christmas lists ready!
I think the key to both buying gifts and making holiday wish lists is a combination of higher and lower priced items as well as some with personal touches, and I've tried to include all of that, plus some of my own personal examples, so I hope none of my best friends/my sister read this! 

Her favorite CD: I don't know about you and your best friends, but whenever I'm in the car with mine or we're all getting ready for a night out together, we're usually jamming to our favorite songs at the moment. I think getting your BFF her favorite CD is not just something she can enjoy, but it's something y'all can listen to and belt out together. Plus, because music tastes changes over time, it'll be funny to look back later and listen to the album as a bit of a throwback and remember when you gifted it to her! 
A cute mug: I picked this one because it's owl themed (very Chi O), but I think it's pretty easy to customize a mug to any person you want to buy if for. Shop Dandy has really cute ones with different sayings on them, but there's also a really easy tutorial showing you how to write your own saying on a plain mug, which I think would be thoughtful as well! 
Kendra Scott: I'm not a big jewelry wearer, besides pearl studs, but I love to jewelry "window shop" and Kendra Scott just has the most gorgeous stuff! I think it's simple and classy, but adds a nice pop of color, and plus, it just feels really posh. I think it's hard to go wrong with KS and you can control the price range a bit depending on which piece of jewelry you pick! 
Holiday Beauty Gift Set: Let me just start by saying that I am OBSESSED with Christmas box sets. And when you mix holiday themed sets (which are usually cheaper than the individual items) with beauty products, I am all about it. My favorites this year are the ones on offer from Benefit and Nars, but Sephora has them all neatly filed under the holiday category so it's easy to find one to fit basically anyone!
Magazine Subscription: I tend to think this is a great idea because everyone loves magazines, but no one really thinks about how much they cost or how annoying it can be to have to remember to continue your subscription once it ends. As a person who reads loads (Elle, Seventeen, Vogue, Teen Vogue, Town and Country…), I love when people gift them to me because then that's one less subscription I have to pay for, but it's also like getting a new present every month! 
Gift Cards: Seriously, these are always fool proof and it's not very hard to know which store/restaurant/boutique your best friend would love a gift card to. It's a bit generic, but it also allows them to pick exactly what they want, so in some cases, it may be better than guessing at a gift. 
DVD Boxset: Because these can be a bit expensive, I'd say getting a DVD of one or two seasons could also be a good option. I think, especially in my case, watching movies or TV shows and then talking them over with my friends are some of the best memories I have from sleepovers and things. Being able to re-watch your favorite episodes and have the whole series on tap is always a plus! 
Phone Case: When I was younger, I had about 10 phone cases that I would rotate, all with different pictures and quotes and things like that. Now, I see that that's a bit ridiculous, but I love the idea of making a photo collage case or finding a funny case that goes with an inside joke and getting it for someone. I think it's something fairly inexpensive but also very meaningful that they can keep with them all the time, which is what a top notch present should be! 

What are you wishing for this Christmas? 

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P.S. - I also think these gifts would work great for sisters, cousins, female coworkers, etc! 


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