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Christmas Gift Guide: Mom's Edition

Gift Guide Mom
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I'm back with another gift guide today! This one's a bit different because it's the mom's edition and I think we all know how hard it can be to get a good gift for moms! I've tried to throw in a few generic things, but I think, especially for moms, it's important to find something personal and thoughtful, so I've tried to hint at a few of those as well, and hopefully they give you a few good ideas!
First off, I'm sure you noticed the Boston tee-shirt and thought, that's quite weird, but actually, my mom is a huge Boston fan, and even though I didn't get her a tee shirt for Christmas, I think she would've loved it. I always love hearing stories about when my parents were younger, so I think getting a gift that reminds them of that will not just be fun and thoughtful, but it will also remind them of good memories they have, which I think would be awesome. It also lets them know you actually do listen to them...major brownie points. 
Printed Photos: I don't know any parent that doesn't love getting printed/framed photos for Christmas. It's nice and personal, but it's also something they can actually use and see on a daily basis and my personal favorite part of getting them photos is that I can pick which ones are included, which means no embarrassing photos of me...score. There are tons of websites that will print photos right onto a canvas, giving you the option of single photos or collages, or you could just print them yourself and pick out a few cute frames!
Gift Cards: As I mentioned in my Girl's Gift Guide, gift cards are so easy to get your hands on and they always go over well. Because it's for your mom, you know exactly which places she likes, but you can also step it up a bit and get her a spa gift card, which I think it the absolute best. You can even go and have a massage/facial/pedicure together, which will be a gift for both of you, while spending time together - win win!
Antique Finds: My mom loves antiques, and she can't be the only one. I think finding an antique gift that fits perfectly is more of a luck thing than anything else, because you just have to be in the right place at the right time, but when you do find that perfect present it's so nice! This year I hit the absolute jackpot with an antique gift for my mom and I can't wait to give it to her.
Candle: Moms love candles. Actually, I think everyone loves candles, especially during Christmas season, so I don't think you can go wrong with this one. Basically every shop carries seasonal candles at this time of year, but my favorites are Yankee Candle... #christmascookie There's just nothing like lighting a candle, putting on some Christmas music, and opening presents on Christmas morning.
Wine: I don't think this one needs much explanation, because basically every mom I know likes coming home from a stressful day at work and having a glass of wine. It's just something nice that you can get that they'll really appreciate and again, it's really easy to find!
Cute Coffee Mug: My family is pretty obsessed with mugs. Our cabinet for them is basically over flowing but we always seem to find room for more. I love when I make myself a hot chocolate and then get to pick out a mug which holds lots of memories for me, whether it be an old holiday mug or a mug my dad used to always use or whatever, but they can be something nice and thoughtful even though they seem really simple, and you just get so much use out of them! There's also a really good tutorial on decorating your own mug, which I think any mom would love! 
 In summary, I think moms would love any gift with a thoughtful element to it. For them, it's more about feeling like you actually took time to find/make something personal than spending a lot of money on a huge gift.  As long as it's something you put a bit of heart in, they'll love it! 

What are you getting your mom this year? Any other good ideas? 

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