Monday, January 12, 2015

Life Lately//

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Last year I did posts on Mondays called "Weekend Update" and when I actually remembered to do them, I quite liked it. But, after a while, I forgot, and the numbers got all jumbled and then once it's been weeks you can't exactly call it a weekend update anymore, and thus, I just quit. This year, I'm starting up the new and improved "Life Lately" post series. Aptly named so I can post it as much or as little as I want...and no numbers, so no one has to know when I've skipped a bajillion weeks!
Anyhoo, lately I've...
seen three movies
The Hobbit// loved it. the battle scenes were epic and I'm ready to move to Rivendale..especially because this very scientific quiz said I was always meant to be an elf anyway.
The Theory of Everything// although I loved learning more about Steven Hawking's life and seeing Cambridge (and being able to spot all the places I've been there), their love story ripped out my heart and stomped on it. Bring the tissues, because this one's a doozy. My favorite scenes were the ones of Cambridge in the 60s, because it's a dream now, with the river Cam and all the old buildings that just make you feel scholarly, but I can only imagine how it must've been then.
Into the Woods// a bit weird this one. Lots of singing, which is great is you go in prepared for that, but I'd have expected more out of that cast. I'd say wait for this to hit redbox.
ate way too many fruit loops and frozen macaroni dinners,
moved in to my new apartment,
locked myself in said apartment with no wifi to finish my end of term papers for Nottingham,
struggled through a cold which gave me terribly bloodshot eyes and got hardcore judged for it,
planned my entire trip back to England in June and put price alerts on every flight from here to Heathrow,
finished my Study Abroad video,
fallen in love with Matt McAndrew (specifically this song),
and shopped away my sadness about the fact that I'm not actually moving back into Derby Hall like all my SA friends(killer spring wardrobe posts to come though).
All in all, it's been pretty productive.
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