Monday, January 19, 2015

Life Lately//

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Lately I've...
fallen back in love with Ponds, the entire brand. I've been using their dry skin Clarant B3 moisturizer for at least a year now, and I use their cucumber cold cream when I need to get off eye makeup, but I've stumbled upon their dry skin hydrating cream, which is a thicker moisturizer, and my dry skin is obsessed. 
eaten so many cuties oranges it's unbelievable. I know they're for children, but that just means they fit perfectly with my other food choices. They peel incredibly easily and they fit right in my bag for lunch since they're so tiny.
bought another Smith's rosebud balm to go with my other 7. They're just so good! I now have the strawberry, mint, and original and I keep them all in my purse. #notproductive
been crazy inspired by the Lunching Daily instagram. It makes me want to eat apple slices and hummus for lunch instead of frozen macaroni and a fruit roll-up, which happens more then I care to admit. Now that I'm in my own apartment with a kitchen, I want to try and cook more + eat healthier, and this is helping me get motivated. Such easy to follow and make recipes that are insta ready.
gotten so obsessed with writing in my Emily Ley planner. I thought it'd almost be too much space at first, but it's a lot in a good way. I have plenty enough space to write everything I need and then more to add later if need be. I am so uber organized now. I have the Daily Edition in happy stripe, in case you're wondering. 
caved to peer pressure and watched this Maroon 5 vid. I didn't want to be part of the hype and it was being shared all over my facebook, which made me sort of hate it. But then I watched it, and omg. I love the brides' elated reactions and the way the older people at the wedding have no clue what's going on. And I mean, it's Adam Levine, what more do you need?
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  1. Love this! and all of your post, so I nominated you for the versatile blogger award. You can find it at hyperactive daydream .

    xo, Katie

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