Friday, January 30, 2015

The Non-Blogmopolitan Quiz

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Today I thought it'd be fun to do the Non-Blogmopolitan Quiz from Two-Thirds Hazel . I mean, it is Friday after all, and I think quizzes like these are not only funny, but they're also easy because they're already all laid out! Enjoy finding out a little bit more about me, but also let me know in the comments what some of your answers are, especially if they're the same as mine!

1. Something you will...

refuse to do for the rest of you life: clean a boy's bathroom.I had to do it once where I worked in high school and oh my God, it was horrendous. I did it once, never happening again.

always do forever: strive to be graceful, and humble, and kind, and loving, and smart. 

2. Something you think is... 
certifiably disgusting: people having sex with strangers. I will just never get that. My dad used this duck tape analogy when I was a kid, goes something like "every time you stick it to something it picks up little bits and caries it along until the next time you stick it to something and this time it'll pick up more, but it also won't stick as well.." and that just makes me want to vomit.

absolutely amazing: I love Sundays. The perfect Sundays for me consist of waking up and having a good breakfast that my parents cook, going to church, having lunch at my grandparents (the best cooks in the entire world), and then coming home and playing outside or laying in the hammock when the weather is all springy and blue. Those days are amazing to me. 

3. A compliment you've been given that's made you...

feel on top of the world: right after my sister died my best friend Katie wrote me a card saying how strong she thought I was and how much she admired that. And at a time when I was scared and hurting, it reminded me of that, and I've always kept it because it makes me feel really loved and encouraged when I'm having a bad time.

pretty upset: "Well you've certainly got the looks for politics!" As if I don't have the smarts, the wits, and the personality. Thanks, Mr. Senator. 

4. A name you...

hate: anything that's trying to be modern and hipster. I think names should be strong and meaningful, not something new you invented by mixing celeb's names and cool trends.

love: well, the baby name list I keep on my phone says my current favorites are William, Henry, Edward, Elizabeth, and Alexandra. They're all old and strong and come with really good namesakes.


5. Something people say about you that you...

know is entirely false: that I'm stuck up. I'm quiet and always a bit anxious with new people, so I see how that can come across, but I'm really actually super kind hearted once a bit of time goes by and I'm a bit more comfortable. 

think is on point: that I'm a stellar person with wicked music taste and killer jokes. I mean, clearly.


6. A taste you...

can't stand: greenbeans. I mean, I know I've probably tasted grosser things, but I just can't think of anything I hate more. It's like eating squishy, watery, worms.

can't get enough of: PIZZA. AND COKE. (I'm so healthy it's annoying)

7. A song you always...

turn off immediately: anything rap. Ain't no way I will ever consider that music. No thanks.

belt out the lyrics to: "My Heart Will Go On" a la Celine Dion and Titanic. Titanic is probably my favorite movie as I've seen it over 50 times and I just can't get enough. That song makes me wanna cry every time.

8. Animal you...

fear: I'd have to say any animal that's angry. I don't really fear any animals off hand, because I think all animals just want to be either loved or left alone, they're not out to hurt anyone, but when any animal gets angry (especially cats...hate cats), I'm running the other way.

need in your life right this instant: I really, really, realllyyy want a Scottie dog or a brown lab. They're both adorable. 

9. Something you...

will never ever eat: I hate soup. I'll eat it if I have bread or crackers to dip into it, but I'll never eat like vegetable soup, or bean soup, or any of that. A. I hate vegetables, but B. I hate not being able to see what's under the broth, because I suspect that one day there's going to be something I don't want. Like the time every winter that my mom tries to convince me like I like vegetable soup when I know for a fact that that combination is never a winner in my book. If I can't see what's going on in there, I don't want it.

would eat for every meal if you were given the chance: PIZZA. 


10. To enhance your looks you...

would love to, but would probably never resort to: a hair transplant so my locks would be equivalent to Kate Middleton's.

just stick to: lots of texturizing spray and a good curler.

Happy Friday lovelies!
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