Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Life Lately//

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Lately I've...
been studying my butt off for my French exam tomorrow. Ask me about politics? I've got you covered. Ask me to speak to you in French? I'll muddle through. But ask me all the grammar and conjugation specifics of basic French? I'll cry on the inside like a winner. 
fallen in love with this Hallmark commercial. I wanted to post about it for Valentine's Day but then I spent the entire day doing other things and completely forgot. I love them both and want to be just like that...someday. 
gone all 'stereotypical girl with a crush' and been absolutely the cheesiest with my friends, but I love it. Crushes are always the most fun anyhow. Here's a funny bit of a conversation with names covered up (for obvious reasons), just cause it's a bit cringy but everyone can relate.
become obsessed with Maybelline's Master Conceal because it's amazingly pigmented but not too thick for undereyes and it's just perfect. ( I wear the lightest shade)
had my sister and her friend stay with me at LSU for a couple of days and loved showing them around campus. They felt super cool hanging out in the union and bookstore all day and on Friday we had a movie/shopping date which was really nice!
gone to see The Duff and it was hilarious. Not the most Oscar-worthy, but it does have a really good message and some really great actors and we laughed the whole time! 
 babysat my little cousins loads and laughed constantly at the things they say. Kids really do say (and do) the darnedest things and it's so much fun spending time with them because it doesn't matter how I look or how silly I act, cause they love me all the same! I took them all out to breakfast and then to a place called SkyZone that night and just when I thought I had kids all figured out, I accidentally spilled the 4 year old's red powerade all over my car because I'm so not used to doing everything for closing their cups super tight. There goes that.
become a senator for LSU student government...which I can already tell I'm going to be a total nerd about, in the best possible way. 
run all over creation trying to get ready for Chi O formal Friday. But I finally found the perfect dress and my date's a total cutie so I'm sure a pic from that will end up on my next 'life lately' post. 
added 'Mystic Pizza' to my favorite 5 movies list. It is so 80s, and so Julia Roberts, and just so great. It's on Netflix and the resident 'rich preppy 80s movie boy' is a babe. Watch it. 
And that's all folks! What have y'all been up to?
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