Monday, March 30, 2015


The weather in the South this weekend was absolutely lovely. I know some places got snow, but for us it's been sunny and 75. In between studying for my three tests this week, I've been laying out by the pool and lusting over all the Spring pins on my timeline and I just cannot get enough. I can't wait to run around bare foot in the lightest cotton tshirts and have all the freckles on my nose come out because of the sun. These are a few of the spring looks I've been loving lately! 
Navy is my neutral and with a crisp white...YES. I love how simple this outfit looks with just a few accents, because it's easy to throw on, but looks so good! 
American Eagle has great sandals this season. I'm loving the chunkier leather straps with a few lighter colors thrown in. They're really simple, but I think that's what makes them so you see the trend here? Plus, they're all under $30 (besides the Birks)!
via Summer Wind
This would be my perfect spring outfit. It's classic and preppy but still so light and springy. No way I could wear a blazer in the Louisiana summer heat, but for work and things, it's perfect. She just looks so adorable and I've been trying to copy it every chance I get!
What are your favorite spring/summer classics?
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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Life Lately //

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Quite a lot has happened since I last posted an LL (or any post at all really) so I thought I'd do a bit of an update via my instagram/camera roll. 
Lately I've...
gone to loads of baseball games because I think I've found my favorite sport. The weather, the uniforms, the snack choices...everything. I'm obsessed.
*insert heart eyed emojis here*
 spent tons of time outside with my family...everything from gardening, to hammock naps, to crawfish boils. I just want to soak in all the sunshine these days! 
teaching my Texas cousin how to peel crawfish ^ #valuablelifelesson
really cannot wait to be a grandma that just gardens all the time.
 gone to formal and taken a whopping total of three photos - not counting the photobooth ones because I just cannot resist a photobooth. When I get nervous, I laugh ALOT. I cannot contain the nervous laughter and date functions always have me wanting to start drinking at about 2 pm, so by the time we took these photo booth pictures, I couldn't stop it. I say that because I think it's hilarious that in highschool I thought by now I'd be totally smooth and cool with guys...LOL. #lookatmenow 
But all in all a really fun night! 
giggle fit - casual - total confusion
my BFF Allyce
been getting so hyped up about Easter. I've always wanted to have an Easter garden party/picnic, so I'm already coming up with ideas for deserts and table settings. My mom is not sharing my excitement.
Great American Cookie is basically crack cocaine.
gone home 3 weekends in a row for family things, but also made it to my first St. Patrick's Day parade, which was a blast! I thought it would be much more low key than it actually was and the atmosphere was so much fun. I'm obsessed with Baton Rouge's Garden District as well, so that helped. 

missed England so much that it hurts. I tend to miss silly little things like red beer or the way I could leave my windows open all the time and get a nice cool breeze. 
shopped at J.Crew for hours. No surprise really. We just got a Factory store in my hometown and it's being calling my name since I got home. It'd simply be rude not to pop in every now and then. (;
been spending more quality time with my sister which happened to include a visit to Cinderella this weekend. OMG, it was so good my heart hearts. I'm seriously impressed with Richard Madden (who plays Prince Kit), not just because he's an absolute babe, but also because he is actually incredibly smart and he worked really hard to bring depth to the Prince but in a way that didn't take away from Cinderella's character. He wanted to make it more a story of love making both of them better, not a damsel in distress sort of thing, which I agree with 100%. And I mean...
been one of those seriously annoying constantly smiley people all the time because I just cannot get over the gorgeous weather we've been having and the good luck I've stumbled upon. I've been spending my days in a joyful, no complaints kind of mood...and I love it. Bring on spring!
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Monday, March 9, 2015

5 Tips to De-Stress and Get Reorganized After Midterms

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I don't know about y'all, but I had all my LSU midterms last week, and it was a major bee-otch. What's even worse though, is that my professors, in an effort to be nice, spread my exams out over two weeks, which contrary to their intentions did not make it any better. So in comes today's post - both a wicked way to procrastinate and a way to see the light at the end of the tunnel. If you're struggling with exams this week, here's my fool proof way of recovering once it's all over. 

1 // Clean Your Room
I know, I know. This is no one's favorite. But there's no better way to start fresh and de-clutter like a good spring clean. Whenever I get busy with school and work, my room turns into a zoo, and that only makes me feel more stressed. Tidying up can actually be really relaxing and lets you start over with a clean slate! 

2 // Make (or Re-Make) A Calendar 
 I live my life by my planner, but by mid-terms most of my syllabus' have been adjusted and I've got more on my plate than I planned to at the start of the semester. After midterms I usually take an hour or so to go through my planner and move things around that need to be moved, add in things that are new, and white out things that no longer apply. I also print out monthly calendars for my wall because I hate having assignments or tests sneak up on me. I like to look at the whole month in one place (and compare it to the next one as well) so that if I've got to go home the weekend before a test I can start prepping early, etc.

3 //  Pick Out Your Weak Spots 
Again, this one's no fun, but everyone's got one. No matter how much I try to stay on top of my reading for my poli sci classes or my conjugation charts for French, it just doesn't happen. Post mid-terms is the perfect time to identify that as a problem. 
4 // Play Catch Up 
Oh yeah, now that you know it's a  problem, you should probably address it asap. The longer you let those things slip through the cracks the more it builds up because you won't understand your current assignments if you didn't lay the ground work. I generally take the weekend after mid-terms to go through all my assigned chapters and at least highlight the main points so that come finals I'll at least have some sort of understanding and won't have to cram it all last minute.
5 // Refresh
Take an hour, or a day, or even a whole weekend to get away from the books and do something fun. Go eat out with your friends, go home for the weekend if you can, or just go exploring something in your college town that you've never done before. It does you no good to go into the second half of the semester feeling all stressed out and overwhelmed, so once you've done steps 1-4, take a timeout. Because come Monday, it starts all over again. #yay

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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

My Favorite Small Town Movies

I've been watching Netflix more often than TV lately and I've found myself gravitating towards movies I saw when I was little but never really appreciated. I love the cheesy humor and the lack of curse words and the way not everything is about sex, but even when it is it's so 80s that it's more funny than anything. Most of these are based in the South because I am 100% biased, but I think my favorite part of all of them is the small town feel. I am so proud to be from a small town where everybody knows everybody and every time I get home I feel like I'm a part of something. I know no matter what there are people I can go to when I need help and they'll help me out, no questions asked. I always find it funny when I'm at the bank or just running in to Winn Dixie and one of my grandmother's friends stops me to tell me she reads my "journal thing on the internet" and she wants to know all about those boys in England. It's sweet. 
 These movies make me want to spend time outside drinking sweet tea on my porch and just slow down and enjoy things, and I miss that in all the hustle and bustle of school lately.
{They've also made me dream of having a Southern plantation with a screen porch for afternoon tea and a big yard filled with stately oaks for having Sunday lunch under, but that's neither here nor there.} 
 They're all great, filled with sassy women, adorable guys, and sometimes downright awful accents, but that just makes them even better! To me, these feel like home, much more than any of the other 'Southern' representations like Swamp People or Honey Boo Boo. They bring back the women with class, grace, wit, and charm, and I just love it. 
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Monday, March 2, 2015

February Favorites

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Happy Monday! I thought I'd pop up a post on my February favorites as I've actually tried lots of new things this month. Normally I get into a routine and don't really stray from it, but a few of my old favorites have been either discontinued or run out, so I spent a bit more time exploring the aisles of Target this month to replace them.

Garnier Clean + Cleansing Oil 
 Ever since coming back from England my skin has been incredibly sensitive. I think it's a combination of having already dry, sensitive skin, the fact that it's winter, one too many long haul flights, and having the heater on constantly, but I'm been having to fuss with it too much. I used this oil cleanser during the summer before I left and so I thought I'd try it again. I absolutely love it and never want to use anything else. Minus the fact that it doesn't travel well because the bottle leaks, it is perfection for my skin. It takes off my makeup in .2 seconds and leaves my skin feeling super clean but also super hydrated. 

Nivea Soft Moisturizer 
 This has been another addition to my skincare routine, but also one that I'm seriously pleased with. My beloved Ponds moisturizer has been discontinued (so frustrating), so I was left searching through all my old favorites and just wasn't really feeling any of them. This stuff comes in a little pot and is so incredibly SOFT. I know that should be obvious because of the name, but it almost feels like rubbing mousse on your skin and it leaves my skin feeling like a baby's bottom, so I'm obsessed. 

  Covergirl Eye Shadow Stick
I have this in the shade Melted Caramel and I love it. I wanted a more golden bronze eyeshadow shade because I really don't have that in my eye shadow collection, and I really like that this is on the more rose-gold side, rather than a yellow-y golden shade. It is easy to just rub on and blend in, especially on the go, and it stays put without creasing, which is quite a feat for my eyelids!
Master Conceal Concealer 
I mentioned this in my last Life Lately post, but I thought I'd mention it again because I just seriously love it. I use the lightest shade and it works so well to highlight, especially under my eyes and on my nose, but it's also very highly pigmented so you hardly have to use any to pack a big punch. Plus, it stays put all day so no touch ups needed! 
American Eagle Soft + Sexy Tees 
I bought three of these and have no regrets. They are literally the softest tee shirts I have ever owned and it basically feels like wearing pajamas all day long. I originally got them to wear to class, but I haven't worn anything but these for a week, so that should tell you everything you need to know right there. 
Grape Powerade 
I know this is a bit of a weird favorite, but I just can't get enough. I'm currently trying to give up coke, or at least slow down my intake of it because cold turkey never works for me, and this stuff is getting me through. I am not a water person at all, so this is as healthy as it's going to get for right now. 
I rarely have time to watch TV these days with my crazy schedule, so I've been really getting back into Netflix. I love that they've kind of upped their game recently and they have a good mix of classic old movies, interesting documentaries, and newer TV shows. My current favorites are Mystic Pizza and Gilmore em!

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