Monday, March 9, 2015

5 Tips to De-Stress and Get Reorganized After Midterms

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I don't know about y'all, but I had all my LSU midterms last week, and it was a major bee-otch. What's even worse though, is that my professors, in an effort to be nice, spread my exams out over two weeks, which contrary to their intentions did not make it any better. So in comes today's post - both a wicked way to procrastinate and a way to see the light at the end of the tunnel. If you're struggling with exams this week, here's my fool proof way of recovering once it's all over. 

1 // Clean Your Room
I know, I know. This is no one's favorite. But there's no better way to start fresh and de-clutter like a good spring clean. Whenever I get busy with school and work, my room turns into a zoo, and that only makes me feel more stressed. Tidying up can actually be really relaxing and lets you start over with a clean slate! 

2 // Make (or Re-Make) A Calendar 
 I live my life by my planner, but by mid-terms most of my syllabus' have been adjusted and I've got more on my plate than I planned to at the start of the semester. After midterms I usually take an hour or so to go through my planner and move things around that need to be moved, add in things that are new, and white out things that no longer apply. I also print out monthly calendars for my wall because I hate having assignments or tests sneak up on me. I like to look at the whole month in one place (and compare it to the next one as well) so that if I've got to go home the weekend before a test I can start prepping early, etc.

3 //  Pick Out Your Weak Spots 
Again, this one's no fun, but everyone's got one. No matter how much I try to stay on top of my reading for my poli sci classes or my conjugation charts for French, it just doesn't happen. Post mid-terms is the perfect time to identify that as a problem. 
4 // Play Catch Up 
Oh yeah, now that you know it's a  problem, you should probably address it asap. The longer you let those things slip through the cracks the more it builds up because you won't understand your current assignments if you didn't lay the ground work. I generally take the weekend after mid-terms to go through all my assigned chapters and at least highlight the main points so that come finals I'll at least have some sort of understanding and won't have to cram it all last minute.
5 // Refresh
Take an hour, or a day, or even a whole weekend to get away from the books and do something fun. Go eat out with your friends, go home for the weekend if you can, or just go exploring something in your college town that you've never done before. It does you no good to go into the second half of the semester feeling all stressed out and overwhelmed, so once you've done steps 1-4, take a timeout. Because come Monday, it starts all over again. #yay

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