Monday, March 2, 2015

February Favorites

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Happy Monday! I thought I'd pop up a post on my February favorites as I've actually tried lots of new things this month. Normally I get into a routine and don't really stray from it, but a few of my old favorites have been either discontinued or run out, so I spent a bit more time exploring the aisles of Target this month to replace them.

Garnier Clean + Cleansing Oil 
 Ever since coming back from England my skin has been incredibly sensitive. I think it's a combination of having already dry, sensitive skin, the fact that it's winter, one too many long haul flights, and having the heater on constantly, but I'm been having to fuss with it too much. I used this oil cleanser during the summer before I left and so I thought I'd try it again. I absolutely love it and never want to use anything else. Minus the fact that it doesn't travel well because the bottle leaks, it is perfection for my skin. It takes off my makeup in .2 seconds and leaves my skin feeling super clean but also super hydrated. 

Nivea Soft Moisturizer 
 This has been another addition to my skincare routine, but also one that I'm seriously pleased with. My beloved Ponds moisturizer has been discontinued (so frustrating), so I was left searching through all my old favorites and just wasn't really feeling any of them. This stuff comes in a little pot and is so incredibly SOFT. I know that should be obvious because of the name, but it almost feels like rubbing mousse on your skin and it leaves my skin feeling like a baby's bottom, so I'm obsessed. 

  Covergirl Eye Shadow Stick
I have this in the shade Melted Caramel and I love it. I wanted a more golden bronze eyeshadow shade because I really don't have that in my eye shadow collection, and I really like that this is on the more rose-gold side, rather than a yellow-y golden shade. It is easy to just rub on and blend in, especially on the go, and it stays put without creasing, which is quite a feat for my eyelids!
Master Conceal Concealer 
I mentioned this in my last Life Lately post, but I thought I'd mention it again because I just seriously love it. I use the lightest shade and it works so well to highlight, especially under my eyes and on my nose, but it's also very highly pigmented so you hardly have to use any to pack a big punch. Plus, it stays put all day so no touch ups needed! 
American Eagle Soft + Sexy Tees 
I bought three of these and have no regrets. They are literally the softest tee shirts I have ever owned and it basically feels like wearing pajamas all day long. I originally got them to wear to class, but I haven't worn anything but these for a week, so that should tell you everything you need to know right there. 
Grape Powerade 
I know this is a bit of a weird favorite, but I just can't get enough. I'm currently trying to give up coke, or at least slow down my intake of it because cold turkey never works for me, and this stuff is getting me through. I am not a water person at all, so this is as healthy as it's going to get for right now. 
I rarely have time to watch TV these days with my crazy schedule, so I've been really getting back into Netflix. I love that they've kind of upped their game recently and they have a good mix of classic old movies, interesting documentaries, and newer TV shows. My current favorites are Mystic Pizza and Gilmore em!

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