Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Life Lately //

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Quite a lot has happened since I last posted an LL (or any post at all really) so I thought I'd do a bit of an update via my instagram/camera roll. 
Lately I've...
gone to loads of baseball games because I think I've found my favorite sport. The weather, the uniforms, the snack choices...everything. I'm obsessed.
*insert heart eyed emojis here*
 spent tons of time outside with my family...everything from gardening, to hammock naps, to crawfish boils. I just want to soak in all the sunshine these days! 
teaching my Texas cousin how to peel crawfish ^ #valuablelifelesson
really cannot wait to be a grandma that just gardens all the time.
 gone to formal and taken a whopping total of three photos - not counting the photobooth ones because I just cannot resist a photobooth. When I get nervous, I laugh ALOT. I cannot contain the nervous laughter and date functions always have me wanting to start drinking at about 2 pm, so by the time we took these photo booth pictures, I couldn't stop it. I say that because I think it's hilarious that in highschool I thought by now I'd be totally smooth and cool with guys...LOL. #lookatmenow 
But all in all a really fun night! 
giggle fit - casual - total confusion
my BFF Allyce
been getting so hyped up about Easter. I've always wanted to have an Easter garden party/picnic, so I'm already coming up with ideas for deserts and table settings. My mom is not sharing my excitement.
Great American Cookie is basically crack cocaine.
gone home 3 weekends in a row for family things, but also made it to my first St. Patrick's Day parade, which was a blast! I thought it would be much more low key than it actually was and the atmosphere was so much fun. I'm obsessed with Baton Rouge's Garden District as well, so that helped. 

missed England so much that it hurts. I tend to miss silly little things like red beer or the way I could leave my windows open all the time and get a nice cool breeze. 
shopped at J.Crew for hours. No surprise really. We just got a Factory store in my hometown and it's being calling my name since I got home. It'd simply be rude not to pop in every now and then. (;
been spending more quality time with my sister which happened to include a visit to Cinderella this weekend. OMG, it was so good my heart hearts. I'm seriously impressed with Richard Madden (who plays Prince Kit), not just because he's an absolute babe, but also because he is actually incredibly smart and he worked really hard to bring depth to the Prince but in a way that didn't take away from Cinderella's character. He wanted to make it more a story of love making both of them better, not a damsel in distress sort of thing, which I agree with 100%. And I mean...
been one of those seriously annoying constantly smiley people all the time because I just cannot get over the gorgeous weather we've been having and the good luck I've stumbled upon. I've been spending my days in a joyful, no complaints kind of mood...and I love it. Bring on spring!
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  1. Great post - looks like you have been having a lovely time. Feel like I'm missing out not knowing how to peel crawfish, haha.


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