Monday, March 30, 2015


The weather in the South this weekend was absolutely lovely. I know some places got snow, but for us it's been sunny and 75. In between studying for my three tests this week, I've been laying out by the pool and lusting over all the Spring pins on my timeline and I just cannot get enough. I can't wait to run around bare foot in the lightest cotton tshirts and have all the freckles on my nose come out because of the sun. These are a few of the spring looks I've been loving lately! 
Navy is my neutral and with a crisp white...YES. I love how simple this outfit looks with just a few accents, because it's easy to throw on, but looks so good! 
American Eagle has great sandals this season. I'm loving the chunkier leather straps with a few lighter colors thrown in. They're really simple, but I think that's what makes them so you see the trend here? Plus, they're all under $30 (besides the Birks)!
via Summer Wind
This would be my perfect spring outfit. It's classic and preppy but still so light and springy. No way I could wear a blazer in the Louisiana summer heat, but for work and things, it's perfect. She just looks so adorable and I've been trying to copy it every chance I get!
What are your favorite spring/summer classics?
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