Sunday, May 17, 2015

10 Things That Make Me Happy | Every Day in May

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Remember that time I said I'd blog every day in May and then completely neglected it for 2 weeks? Yeah, me neither. Today's prompt is : Ten things that make you really happy. So let's get on with it! In no particular order...

1// Music. 
My current happy song is "Sunday Kind of Love" by Etta James. I love lazy Sundays and love the idea of finding a love that makes you feel like Sunday all the time.
2// Sugar. 
Especially Coke, but also fruit loops, Reisens, cookies, cookie dough, cupcakes, etc. I just love sugar.
3// Traveling. 
I absolutely love everything about traveling. I love feeling like it's okay to get lost. I love the excitement of being somewhere new when everything becomes an adventure. There is just so much to see and do in the world and I want to do it all!
4// Crushes. 
I love crushes. I think they're fun and silly and even though my mom thinks they are a waste of time, I think it's fun being fascinated by someone (while it lasts). I love that feeling when you first meet someone and you just think that everything they do is the coolest you've ever seen and they just look adorable no matter what. I think if people remembered that feeling we'd have a lot less divorces.
5// Politics. 
The strategy. The manipulation. The competition. I love it all.
6// Open windows in the middle of summer. 
There is just something about natural light lighting everything up and hearing all the birds and animals all the time that I love.
7// The beach. 
I love the salty air and breeze that always is blowing off the water. My favorite place is Amelia Island, where we go every year, and I love the freedom of having no schedule and just doing whatever we feel like when we wake up! I wish I could wake up and ride my bike to Main Street for ice cream every day of the year.
It sounds silly, but it really is one of my favorite things. I try to surround myself with people that make me laugh, because I just love that feeling when your cheeks and stomach are sore from laughing and smiling so much. I tend to giggle about everything, but I really love when something just makes you belly laugh and you just can't stop. That's my favorite.
It really is the best meal of the day. You get sweet breakfasty foods mixed with salty lunch foods and you can still sleep late and enjoy it. What more could you want?
10// Family days. 
My absolute favorite times are when I have lunch at my grandmother's after church, with all my mom's side of the family, and then go to my dad's for dinner with all my step siblings. We have so much fun just catching up and I feel like I just laugh and laugh, especially at my dad's, and I always want to have that. I love big family get togethers and I hope that my sister and I will keep having them once we're older.

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