Friday, May 1, 2015

Life Story

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 Today marks the beginning of May, but also the beginning of my newest blog challenge. I've kind of neglected this space lately, both because I'm terribly busy with finals and life, but also because I've been feeling uninspired, and I really don't think Sarah Smile can handle another relationship post. 
This challenge consists of a prompt every day in May, thanks to Story of My Life, and so each day I'll be sharing little snippets about what that prompt means to me - sometimes serious, sometimes funny. Here goes!
Day 1: The story of your life in 250 words or less...
The story of my life is fairly simple. My name is Sarah Ashtyn Simmons, I am 20 years old, and I go to LSU studying poli sci - and loving it! I grew up in a small southern town running around barefoot and playing with all the many animals my sister's and I grew up with! I have two sisters, Mallory, who would be 27 this year, and Hannah, who is 18! Most of you who have been reading for a while know that illness is a big part of my life story, because my older sister had Cystic Fibrosis for her whole life and passed away a year and a half after a double lung transplant, two weeks before I left for LSU, and my little sister Hannah was going through leukemia treatment at St. Jude's at the same time. However, my life is also filled with many wonderful things, like finding what I'm passionate about (politics) at a very young age, being privileged enough to go to a school I love, having wonderful precious friends both in my sorority and out, and most of all, an amazing family who supports me through everything I do! I spend most of my days drinking TONS of coke, laughing about everything, pretending to study when I'm really blogging, and just trying to soak it all up. I'm obsessed with everything British - from boys to food to the Royal Family - and I'm constantly trying to grow in my faith and become a good leader, sister, friend, and daughter.
So that's Day 1 sorted! I'm sure I'll touch on lots of those things later in the month, but there's a condensed version of me for your reading pleasure. Have a great day and see y'all tomorrow!
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