Sunday, May 3, 2015

Things That Make Me Uncomfortable

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Day 3: Things that make me uncomfortable...
1. Toes
Specifically boys' toes. I don't know why, they just weird me out. 
2. Feelings
Especially when people are crying hysterically or can't get themselves together, I get really uncomfortable. I'm just so not that way, I don't cry at sad movies, and even when I feel upset I don't react that strongly, so I never know how to handle that. 
3. Smushy foods
It's a texture thing. It just freaks me out and I can't eat anything that looks smushy, like most vegetables, oatmeal, and sometimes noodles.
4. People talking about money 
I think this one is pretty universal, but I just hate it.  Money is a personal thing and I've just never understood why people feel the need to talk about it, because 1. it's not going to impress me, and 2. on the list of things that matter in life, money is pretty low. 
5. Failure
I am not the best at empathizing with people. I hate when I fail at something, especially publicly, so I have no clue how to handle when someone else I care about fails. I feel embarrassed and just get all weird about it, when I probably should just be quiet and supportive. 
And that's it! There are probably more I can't think of, but those are the most prevalent. Have a good Sunday!
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