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Beach Bag Necessities

Hello lovelies! I'm alive, I swear! I know I haven't blogged in ages, and for that reason I'll have some sort of life update up later in the week, but today I just want to blog about beachy things, since I am, in fact on a beach vacation at the moment! Here are all the things I must have with me on a beach trip, with a few brand recommendations based on what I've used and can highly recommend.
Beach Bag Necessities

Beach Bag//
I know it's an extreme cult classic and very cliche to say, but my favorite beach bag is the LL Bean Boat and Tote.  It's got room for everything, has little pockets for the smaller things that can't get lost/smashed in the bottom, and can be personalized o it doesn't get mixed up with anyone else's! However, any canvas or plastic bag that can be easily cleaned to get rid of the sand will do!

Beach Towel//
 I think the flag towel in the graphic above is adorable, but obviously beach towels are sold everywhere and any one will do. I love the Vera Bradley ones if you want something cutesy, but Southern Proper, Lauren James, and Marley Lilly also have cute ones as well! 

 I am obsessed with sunglasses. When I was younger I never wore them, mostly because I couldn't find any to suit my chubby cheeks, but now that I've gotten older, I've grown to love them. I've got lighter eyes which are even more sensitive to the sun than my pale skin and so they've become a necessity, especially on the beach. The ones above are Ray Bans (#swoon). but again, you can find sunglasses anywhere. I recommend polarized ones so that they dim the glare a bit, but as long as you're protecting your eyes, you're good to go! Target has a great, affordable selection, as does Forever 21, if you're looking to pick up a new pair!

Can we just admire that seersucker Southern Proper hat for a minute?! I love wearing baseball caps in general, but especially in the sunny, windy, generally not good for my hair beach climate. My favorite is an old, well worn in cap that was given to me years ago, but no matter where it's from, as long as it protects your face from those evil sun rays, its a good'un. 

Water Bottle//
This has become a "Sarah's favorite brands" post, but I bring my Camelbak with me absolutely everywhere. I've decorated it with tons of stickers that actually made me look sporty and outdoorsy, but it still serves it's purpose to keep me hydrated all day when I'm sweating it out in the sun, so I love it. The straw makes it easy to drink from any angle, which is good cause I'm lazy, and all around it just makes me want to drink more water instead of constant Coca Cola. 

GUYS. I cannot preach this enough. I know everyone wants to be a tan goddess (count me in), but skin cancer down the road isn't worth it. I love Sun Bum brand (smells d-lish-ous), but as long as you've got 30 SPF or above, you're good to go. I use face lotion, body spray, chapstick, and after sun, and I'll never go back to my "red as a lobster" days.

Portable Speaker//
I'm all for reading a book on the beach, but after a while, I just want to chill out/nap for a bit. I love having a good beach playlist ready and just jamming out. Portable speakers, especially waterproof ones, are great all year around, but especially when you're lounging outside. 

Pretty much the same as portable speakers, except no one can listen to your playlists but you. This saves the awkward looks from strangers about your weird music taste or the looks from your mom about your potty mouth rap playlist. Either way, you've got music to occupy you all day. 

Is there anything more classic than tearing through a good book at the beach? I think not. My current favorites are Daring Greatly by BrenĂ© Brown, Game of Thrones by George R. R. Martin (I'm SO OBSESSED), and Animal Farm by George Orwell. They're all very different, clearly, but all good, easy reads to get lost in while at the beach. 

This one's my favorite cause I'm constantly hangry. I like to pack a few crackers, grapes or strawberries, and water to bring with me. When you're hot and sweaty, the last thing you want is a sugary snack that'll only make you more tired/hungry, so cold fruit and ice cold water are the best things. Don't get me wrong, my body runs on Coke, but even I have to rehydrate every once in a while.

And that's it! Obviously I carry other things like flip flops and a cover up and things like that, but I figured I'd cover the basics and leave the extras to you. Hope you're all enjoying the summer, and I promise I'll be back very soon!
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