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March Favorites

March Favs
March has been a whirlwhind of looking for an apartment for next year, trying to start studying for finals and finish all my mid-semester essays, and actually getting productive things done on weekends instead of just sleeping. I had a great spring break in Amelia Island, more to come on that soon, and a wonderful Easter with my family, but I'm ready for summertime to come so I can just relax! Here's what I've been loving! 
Belvita |
 I am OBSESSED with the mixed berry bites. I eat them for breakfast every morning and I love that they're easy to throw in my backpack, very filling, and made with good ingredients. They're 4g of protein and fiber, plus a whole lotta whole grains (24 g) which keeps me full and happy until lunch. I feel like I'm being super healthy, but they're also really good, so win-win. 

FAB Cleanser |
I got two First Aid Beauty kits right around Christmas time when they were all on sale. I tried a whole bunch of their products, and I'll probably do a more in-depth review later, but right now I'm loving their antioxidant face cleanser. I have very dry skin, as y'all know, and it doesn't give me that itchy. tight feeling at all. It leaves my skin feeling very healthy and glowy and I haven't had any breakouts, other than minor hormonal ones, since using it. 
Clinique |
These two products are my saving grace right now. I am LOVING the All About Eyes eye cream and the Dramatically Different moisturizer for dry skin. Both of them are so moisturizing, but they feel so soft on my skin and aren't tacky at all. I love putting them on when I'm getting ready for bed because it's like a glass of water for my skin and I wake up with baby soft, glowy skin. I have noticed the biggest difference under my eyes, which used to be very dry, and I'm so glad I finally found something that works without burning my eyes!

Rodan & Fields Sunless Tan |
 Y'all, I'm white. Very white. And I really don't like baking out in the sun because all I do is burn and then any hint of tan goes away within a week. This year, I decided to try this sunless foaming tanner after my next fav recommended on her blog. I've tried it 4 times now, and I've finally found the secret to good, even, natural looking color. I focus on one area at a time, using two pumps for my calves, two pumps for my thighs, two pumps for each arm, etc. and then I wash my hands IMMEDIATELY after I'm done. I then rub lotion over any spots that I don't want it to cake up or have a line, like my elbows, wrists, ankles, knees, etc. It dries really quickly so I just sleep on it and then wake up in the morning like a golden goddess! I really love the color this gives and it's not too hefty a pricetag for the payoff. No funky smell, no oompa loompa legs, just nice faux tan! 

Lonestar State of Southern |
 I have such a girl crush on Kate, the girl behind LSS. She is just precious and her outfits are classic, but still trendy and cute. I love watching her videos that go along with her blog posts, and I love that her recommendations range from high end to budget items, but are really relevant to my life and things I'm interested in in my own life. I highly recommend following her on insta (@lonestarsouthern) because she is just the cutest!

Scalloped Bikini Bottom |
 I wore this a lot when I went to Amelia Island for spring break and I just loved it! It made my butt look super cute without being too revealing and I liked that I could mix and match it with a lot of tops. If you're looking for a cute, more affordable scallop bikini, this is it!

Yes Please by Amy Poehler |
 I know, I'm so behind the bandwagon with this one, but I'm so glad I finally hopped on! Amy Poehler is so funny, and I love how empowering for girls all of her messages are, so I'm not surprised this is a fav of mine. I read Tina Fey's book over Christmas and loved that too, so if you need a book for light summer reading, I highly recommend this one.
Eyes to Mesmerize in Marie Antoinette |
I am not usually one to experiment when it comes to make up, especially at a high end price tag, but I saw this color on a Youtube tutorial and I'm so glad I bought it. It's a liquid eyeshadow that comes in a tiny pot, and it's a bit bronzy with a cool undertone. I use this as a base for pretty much everything now, because it goes well with golden eyes, bronze eyes, purpley eyes, etc. Once it sets, it stays, and it's super easy to blend, so I'm thinking I might invest in a few more. Jean and Bette are my current favorite. 

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