Friday, June 3, 2016


I'm We're moving! Myles and are moving in together in July and we couldn't be more excited! I know what you're thinking...whaaatttt? No, we're not married. No, Myles is not pregnant. (lol) We love each other, we're best friends, and I couldn't imagine don't want to live with anyone else. It's an adorable 2 bed 1 1/2 bath townhouse very close to campus and everything just fell into place for it! We looked at houses and apartments for ages before we found ours and ever since then we've slowly been collecting things to fill it.  

Our bed set is the Sailor Stripe set from Pottery Barn. Settling on this took us almost longer than finding a house, because we are both so picky, but now that it's here we both really like it. It's very clean, classic, and simple, which is very much our style, and it's light enough to not add any extra weight/warmth to our down comforter.

One of my favorite apartment finds are these antique "his" and "hers" hooks that we are hanging by the front door. I linked the most similar version I could find, but ours are black and white with chipped paint in all the right places, and I can't wait to hang my keys on mine every day. 

Our walls are a light robin's egg blue color, so we got simple curtains with a very light gray pattern on them. They sell them in light blue and coral also, which I love, but were a little to crazy for Myles. So far, in the packaging they look really nice. I think they'll compliment the living room without overpowering it! 

I got a Crock Pot a few weeks ago and ever since then I've been obsessed with pinning slow cooker recipes on my Pinterest. We've tried the honey teriyaki, which was delicious, and next I think we're doing a roast! I really want us to start doing a slow cooker meal every Sunday, and it seems super easy, so we'll see!

The wall calendar is one that Myles picked out at Target. I like that it's so crisp looking and you can buy color pencils to write on it with. We are planning to hang this next to the door (above our His/Hers hooks) and write important dates, messages, grocery lists, etc on it! 
Aside from that, the other things are just everyday household items like a vase (SO excited to keep flowers in the house!), a utensil holder with a built in spoon rest, and a shower curtain, which is made of waffle weave robe material, so cozy! We are SO lucky that our families have given us most of the big stuff, like our couches/recliner, dining room table, TVs, bed set, office furniture, etc. We are counting down the days until we can move in and start making it our own place and I'd love to hear all your moving tips, cute DIY ideas, and thoughts on recipes to make! 
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