Friday, June 10, 2016

The Balm Haul & Review

The Balm recently had a 50% off site wide sale and I proceeded to buy a few things to try. I looked over their website about 27 times, and finally decided on the Frat Boy blush, the Balms Away makeup remover, and the Matt(e) Hughes liquid lipstick in Charming.  
I already owned the Desert bronzer and the Mary Lou-manizer, but I want to talk about those as well, so I've included them in this haul too! 

Frat Boy Blush/Shadow $21

I really REALLY love the formulas of The Balm's face products. They are so creamy and easily blend in, plus they're much more affordable than some of the other comparable options at Sephora. 
I immediately wanted the Frat Boy blush because I've been hearing YouTubers talk about it for ages. It seems a littler scary in the pan (SO pink!), but once it's on your face it's a very natural, peachy, brightening, blush. I didn't have anything like this in my stash as I normally go for baby pink blushes, but I love it. 

Mary Lou Man-izer Highlighter $24

  This highlighter is my favorite highlighter I've ever tried. It is extremely buttery, blends super nicely on my skin, and never looks overdone. It doesn't make my face look glittery, it just adds a "glow from within" kind of effect that looks a little more natural, and that's right up my street. I use it for an inner corner and under the brow bone highlight too and I just love it. Zero disco ball effect, just major glowy "I drink a lot of water and have perfect dewy skin" vibes. I get easily scared off by too gold highlighters (Champagne Pop) or too pink ones, especially because my skin is pretty pale, but this one falls right in the middle and is really hard to over do, 10/10 recommend.

Balm Desert Bronzer $21

Y'all. I was not a bronzer person before I found this. I had tried a few contour shades before, but either found that it was way too much on pale skin, or didn't make enough different to put in the extra effort, but this stuff is amazing. I wear it even on my no-makeup makeup days. It's the perfect cool toned bronzer, meaning it doesn't have orange or red undertones, and it just warms my face up without taking it over. It gives me nice color like I may have spent an afternoon by the pool, but nothing fake or Jersey shore looking, and I LOVE IT. I use it as a contour and bronzer and I'll never go without it again. My sister says it's comparable to Benefit's Hoola, which is a cult favorite, and since her makeup stash is the size of Texas, I'd take that to the bank. 

Matt(e) Hughes in Charming $17

Here is a swatch of the Matt(e) Hughes liquid lipstick in natural lighting, so you can see what it truly looks like without any filtering. I am really pleased with the color and formula of this one AND it smells like mint chocolate chip. I wore it to an event for 4-6 hours and only had to reapply once, so the staying power is pretty average on me, but it did layer nicely and had none of that flaky business that can sometimes happen when I layer other liquid lipsticks. All in all, I recommend it! There are 12 shades and minus about 2 or 3, they all look gorgeous! 

The last product I got was the Balms Away makeup remover, which only took one use to know I wasn't a fan. I was expecting a balm that turned into an oil once you mixed it with water, but it was like rubbing vaseline on my eyes. Yes, it took off my waterproof mascara, but I had to scrub at it with a makeup remover pad which really irritated my eyes, and it left behind oily residue because I couldn't wash it off with water. At $20, I was not a fan. Yes, it is good to travel with because of no spills, but I much prefer my Clinique Take the Day Off balm.

All in all, I'm a really big fan of The Balm as a whole. My next purchases are definitely going to be the Cabana Boy Blush and the Bahama Mama bronzer. The packaging is just so adorable, easy and light to travel with, and their formulas are comparable to higher end brands like Nars and Mac. Win-win in my book!  

Have you tried The Balm? What are your favorites?


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