Wednesday, August 10, 2016

My Birthday Wishlist

Every year, about this time, I try to do a blog post on my birthday wishlist. It's nice because my out of town relatives, or those who want to pick something I've already asked for, can simply click the link and purchase whatever they want, but I can also look back year after year and see what's changed, what I still want/love, etc. This year, my list is relatively small, mostly because I've been very lucky to be able to purchase a lot of the things I've been loving, but also because a few of these things are big ticket items, which means less of them, but I'm okay with that because they're all investments. Obviously I will love all the gifts, sweet messages, and cards that I get for my birthday, these are just the things I've spotted on my own! On to the good stuff...
Birthday Wishlist
*click anywhere on the picture to see where these items are from*
Pearl earrings and I can't seem to get along lately. I've dropped a pair down the sink and had a reaction to another pair all in the last 6 months. Regardless, this has made me want to invest in a nicer, real pair, that I can keep for years to come and wear without a worry. Not to say that the one I dropped down the drain was unreal or cheap...I'm still trying to live that down. 

My biggest want this year is a Louis Vuitton MM agenda. It's an organizer's dream, with personalized planner/notebook inserts that you can pick and choose each year and a canvas cover that gets better looking as it ages. It's expensive as heck, so I've been stalking tons of gently used ones on Ebay, but MY GOODNESS it's gorgeous. I totally feel like LV is worth investing in because it only gains value year by year and those things could outlive us all, so there's my rationalization.   

My most adult ask is a Ninja blender and food processor. I'm really getting into cooking and eating healthier and I'd love to be able to make smoothies in the morning, but also make homemade hummus and cookie dough (that's less sugary, I swear). I love that it's relatively small, since we have no extra counter space to spare, and it's a great brand for relatively cheap. I'm sold.  

I have been wanting this J.Crew vest for AGES. I love the navy color, which, surprisingly, I don't already have, and the clean lines of those pockets...I'm obsessed. I have another J.Crew vest in a similar style already and it's great quality, very warm, but very thin and easy to layer. This one's been on my wishlist since it came out, so fingers crossed. 

I'm not even going to lie about those nude flats, they're a major splurge. They're L.K. Bennett, aka Kate Middleton's shoe brand of choice, so you know they're good, and nude flats never go out of style right?? 

Last but not least, I've been wanting a record player for years now. I've recently been collecting old records from both record stores and my grandfather's collection and I am so ready to put on a record while Myles and I cook dinner or just play it around the house on Saturday mornings. I love the sound of the old pops and clicks that you just don't get on perfect Spotify tracks nowadays. I researched this player, read all the reviews, and it's got 5 stars. With record players being such a trendy thing nowadays, I think it's important to find one that's actually high quality, not just cute, but this one happens to be both!

So that's it for me folks! I guess I'll have to let you know what I got bright and early on September 10 (my bday is 9/9), but for now, have a great day! 
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