Friday, October 7, 2016

Friday Finds

 I've been a little awol with midterms this week, but I have some great finds and some exciting news for you! Hope you've had a great week so far and enjoy these little things I've been loving!

Bean boots are on sale!! They never go on sale, so this is such a treat. I finally bit the bullet after wanting them for SO long and I got them for 20% off + free shipping (code = SAVE20)! I got the navy 8'' in a size 10, which is my usual size, so I can wear them with J.Crew camp socks! CAN NOT WAIT!
I just got these TOMS booties in the mail last night and I really love them! They're a bit taller on the ankle than most, but for me, because I have bigger calves, the extra length is nice and doesn't make my ankles look so small compared to my legs. Also, they are SO comfortable. I think the color, height, and heel height are all perfect and I'm so glad that after looking for weeks I found these!  

My sister, who works at Bare Minerals, gave me a cleanser kit for my birthday and it came with this brush. It has a scrubbing head like a Clarisonic or my Vanity Planet Ultimate Skin Spa, but it has no  battery/power source, meaning I can use it in the shower. Guys, that is such a game changer. Although I use my ultimate skin spa when I travel, I rarely use it at home because I hate cleansing after I've already showered. With this, I get the same effect, but I use it in the shower, rinse it off, and just hang it back up with my loofa. LOVE.  

Last but not least, I met The College Prepster aka Carly, and her boyfriend Garrett! It was one of those totally random things because I just decided to run off to New Orleans last night after finding out about her meetup. She was super sweet, exactly like she seems on her blog and in her vlogs and I could've stayed and talked to them forever. It was like meeting up with an old friend and I'm so glad she was so sweet and welcoming, because I was nervous the whole way there. There's another picture of us on my Insta, but I love this one because I couldn't stop giggling the whole time, it was just SO cool! It totally reminded me why I loved Carly and her blog in the first place and I know it sounds cheesy, but I feel re-inspired about my bloggy blog. Okay, I'll stop gushing now.

My life has been crazy since I took the LSAT two weeks ago, but I promise I've got some exciting posts coming up, so stayed tuned. Happy Friday!
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