Monday, November 7, 2016

Outfit Update + Thanksgiving Inspiration

Good morning friends! I had SUCH a busy weekend, but it was filled with so many family and friends. I went home to Lafayette and got to see my sister ride in her university's homecoming parade, have an LSU game party at my dad's, and then Sunday lunch at my grandparents, which is always my favorite. Hope you guys had a great weekend as well!
Today I'm doing an update of some of my recent Instagram outfit posts, because I've been trying to get into the more fashion-y side of the blog world. If you don't yet follow me, (please do!) you can do so here for my personal account and here for the NEW Sarah Smile account!
This is my staple fall outfit. Booties (or flats) with a comfy sweater or flannel and leggings. It's easy, comfortable, and works for class/work/running errands/etc.The flannel in the picture is the perfect "long but not a paper sack" style and the slits up the side give it an extra something! So inexpensive too!

  This was one of the first "blog shoots" that Myles and I did and I still love it. Those TOMS boots come with my everywhere I go because they're both comfortable AND they go with everything. Plus, between the softest cozy grey sweater I own and that perfect fall blanket scarf, I want to wear it all the time. I'm thinking this would be a great casual Thanksgiving Day outfit, depending on the weather of course!
 Y'all, these purple corduroy pants are easily one of my top 5 favorite things right now. They are the same fit as my favorite Old Navy rockstar skinny jeans, but they are SO soft and velvety. They have them in multiple colors, but that eggplant purple is perfect for this time of year. I styled them with a basic white tee shirt and then threw on a jacket later, but they have so much potential! I'd say they fit true to size, but hurry and snatch them up before they completely sell out! My mom actually tried to steal mine.

The other things currently topping my fall favorites list? These things you see right here! My favorite nude flats are STILL on sale for only $100, but the real show stopper is this suede skirt. I waited for ever for it to be restocked and it was so worth it. It is so soft and well made in person, not to mention goes with everything. If it's a bit warmer on Thanksgiving I might pair this skirt with a light sweater and my newest J.Crew ruffle flannel that I can't wait to share with you guys! Look for that on my instagram this week!
Have a great week!!
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