Thursday, December 1, 2016

How to: Decorate for the Holidays on a Budget

Happy 1st of December y'all! I am SO beyond ready to dive right in to the holiday spirit. I've been playing Christmas radio 24/7, lighting as many winter candles as I can find, and wrapping presents as fast as I can when they come in. One of my favorite parts about Christmas is how cozy my house feels when the heater is running and the Christmas tree is glowing. I never really decorated my dorm room or other apartments I've lived in because it can get SO expensive, but I also never really felt like I could enjoy the holidays until I got home for winter break. This year, I set a budget and found a way to make it happen in Myles and I's townhouse! I scoured Target and a few sales at Nordstrom and pulled together some really cute, classic things that I can't wait to pull out for years to come!
Holiday Decorations
I love these cable knit stockings! They're simple but they look so nice and crisp all strung up together. We even got a little one for our rabbit Moose! At $13, they're a steal!
My other favorites are these Wondershop Santa/Tree pillows which make me SO happy every time I walk in the door (that tree is so happy looking!!), this Santa candy dish which looks way more expensive than it actually is ($8!!), and the Kate Spade Christmas village range. I got the thermos and the table runner and I love how simple but cheery they are. It makes so happy every time I see those cute little houses and I wish I could celebrate Christmas in a tiny village just like that! 
As far as gifting goes, Target has the cutest little sets. I got one from Sugar Paper that even includes twine to tie them with, (SO precious!), and I got a little tin that has 50 tags for $5! You really can't beat that. I also got super cute wrapping paper for only $2. I swear, I could've done so much damage in that section alone. 
All in all, while the pieces above are great, and all under $35, I really think that you should invest your money in whatever makes you feel the most festive. I'm slowly building up my decoration box year by year, which is a great way to be budget cautious. I also think that making a list of things you feel like define Christmas to you is helpful. For me, I have to have a tree and something Santa, so I started there. Then I added a few more things to my cart like stockings and table decorations and stopped when my budget was met. Next year, I'll add a little more, like maybe a nice wreath or a bigger tree! I've linked more cute things below, like ornament sets and wrapping paper and Frasier Fir candles (!!!!), so scroll through and see what you like!

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