Thursday, January 26, 2017

Blogger's Guide to Hashtags - The Best Hashtags to Promote Posts on Social Media + FREE Printable

Happy Thursday friends! This week has been such a crazy one - I feel like I need Monday off every week - but I am so looking forward to this weekend. I am working on some exciting blog features and can't wait to share them with you! Today, I thought I'd share my favorite hashtags that I've found to be effective on social media AND I created a free printable for you. You can download the PDF, print it out, use the ones you like, and even add your own, so you'll never forget the hashtags you want to use!

I separated these by category; beauty, fashion, lifestyle, specific blog posts, and miscellaneous. Obviously there are so many more things to blog and post about, but these are the only ones I am familiar enough to post about, so that's how I did it! Of course, there are always things specific to each post, so I usually add those first. I always tags brands, the affiliate network I am working with (Shopstyle), and any relevant word/season/trend, etc. Then I use more generic ones so people who also write about those things can find me!

Click here to download the PDF, or open the preview below in a new window!
I use the Instagram "related" feature to find hashtags too! I type a keyword into the search bar, see how many posts it's been included on, and then when I click on it, the related words come up above the photos. This helps me find less popular words that are still similar, just so my photo doesn't get swallowed up in 1000s of photos. 
Generally, I add hashtags in a separate comment, unless they work smoothly with my caption. I hate when people #hashtag #every #word, so I try to only highlight what I really think will help my photo be noticed and not useless, over popular words. 

I hope these tips help and the printable makes scheduling and posting your social media easier! It's such a learning process, and I find new tips and tricks every day, so I thought I'd pass a few along! Have a great rest of the week!

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