Tuesday, January 10, 2017

How to: Create a Fitness Routine and Stick to it

Hi friends! Today's post is inspired not only by the new year and all of the resolutions to get more fit, but also by my re-entry into the gym world and my preparation for a 5k in March!! I think getting into a groove and really finding the fitness routine that works for you is difficult, especially if you've never walked into a gym before, but it's also no fun to do everything by yourself, so here are my 3 tips to find/create a routine and then stick with it!


1. Shop Around and Find What You Like

Every gym in the history of gyms is running a promotion right now. Find a local gym, or yoga studio, or Pure Barre, or Soul Cycle, or whatever it is that you're interested in and take advantage of those New Year's deals! Try every class that you can and figure out what it is that you like, whether it be weights, cardio, group exercises, you name it, because if you don't like it now, you're definitely not going to like it in a few months. I personally like to mix up my workouts, so I do weights MWF and cardio TTH. That way I never get bored and my muscles are continuously tested. I HATE going to the gym, but I love it once I'm there and feel so much better afterward, so I always try to think of that when I'm on my way in. 
 Keep a written record of the workouts or classes that you liked, and then write each one down on a note card. It's good to categorize each one as "cardio", "arms", "quads", etc or make each muscle group a different color. Then schedule your workouts based on having one of muscle group on each day you go to the gym. So if you have 3 of each muscle group, then maybe try going to the gym MWF and doing a different card for each muscle group on those 3 days. That way you're working every group equally, but not getting bored, and each workout is something you like!

2. Keep Track of Your Progress

You know how the first week you go to the gym you're totally motivated and into it? And then after that first weekend it's really really hard to get moving again? Yeah, I 100% feel that. My trick is to keep a journal that tracks how much weight I'm lifting, how far/fast I'm running, how many minutes I do cardio, etc, so I can see how much progress I'm making even when I don't really feel it. I think weighing and measuring yourself is great too, but I tend to notice a bigger difference in how I feel before I see a difference in how I look, so being able to see the numbers laid out reminds me why I'm doing what I'm doing.  
Set goals that you want to reach by a specific time or participate in a challenge with your friends. Healthy competition always makes me push myself harder and I feel so much more motivated when it's a challenge rather than an option. Plus, it'll make you more accountable!

3. Get Invested

So many people don't go to the gym because they're scared that they'll embarrass themselves and everyone will know that they don't know what they're doing. I felt it, everyone feels it. My way around this was going with Myles and having him show me the machines and walk me through how to do each of them, but my best advice would be to hire a personal trainer if you don't have a friend who can go with you. This will kill two birds with one stone because (a) you're not going to waste the money you spent by not showing up, and (b) you will learn the machines much quicker with a guide AND they usually create a routine specifically tailored to what you're looking for! 10/10 recommend.
Also, I bought lots of expensive workout gear so now I have to use it...but I look really cute doing it. Win-win right? 

What are your favorite work outs and classes? Let me know below so I can add some fun into my training too! 
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