Wednesday, January 18, 2017

The Best in Workout Wear

Happy #WorkoutWednesday friends! I know, know, that's really cheesy and probably isn't a thing, but I thought it was cute, so I'm rolling with it! Today I thought I'd share some "new to me, but absolutely genius" workout pieces. As you may know, Myles and I are training for our first 5k, but we've also been trying to be more active and go to the gym more often since last summer, so I've bought, tried, and returned lots of workout gear. These, my friends, are the diamonds in the rough that I'll never go without again. 

My Favorite Workout Gear: 

I hate wearing tight clothes, especially when I'm working out and bending every which way, but I promise this jacket has changed my mind. I love that when I'm running it doesn't ride up, but it also doesn't bunch when I'm lifting weights or doing squats. It is form fitting, but I ordered one size up for comfort and I actually find myself wearing ti casually too. It keeps me warm when I'm running outside, but doesn't heat me up or make me feel like I'm dying of heat stroke at the end of a workout. It's also on sale currently, so if you're dying to test it out or treat your self, it's under $50!

Lulu Lemon Tata Tamer III
I used to hate running and I really thought it was because I just wasn't good at it. I would get nauseous after a few minutes and I never really enjoyed. Then I found this sports bra. Y'all, it's expensive, but still so much cheaper than Nike, Under Armour, etc and it actually keeps your tatas from bouncing and going all over the place. I love it because it keeps me in place without being super constricting, but it also doesn't give that uni-boob effect. 100%, this has made the biggest change in my attitude towards the gym and I would totally recommend you try it if you have the same problem. It's under $60 and worth every penny. 
Zella High Waisted Live In Leggings
Y'ALL, I don't know about you, but I live in leggings this time of year. I also don't know how I ever wore low rise pants because I currently love to wear everything higher than my bellybutton. It's so nice to finally find leggings that don't roll down, don't have to be pulled up every other minute, and kinda hold everything in without feeling like a corset. I got two pairs in the black and I haven't taken them off since. Highwaisted + leggings is just a winning combination in my book. Plus, Zella, Nordstrom's in house athletic brand, is amazing quality, and I've had leggings from them for years that are still going strong today. I don't mind paying a little extra when I know I'll get lots of wear out of it and these are really well made.

Nike Fly Knit Running Shoes
These shoes make me feel like I could run a marathon. I don't want to, but I feel like I could. If you're looking for lightweight comfort, these are for you! I got them for Christmas and I have totally broken my rule of no tennis shoes with jeans because they're just so comfortable and cute. It makes a huge difference in your workout when you're wearing the right shoes, and these are great for running, but also weights. I wouldn't recommend them for tennis or basketball because the ankles aren't overwhelmingly supportive, but for day to day and other gym activities, they're perfect. 

Running Arm Band 
I think creating my workout around what I like already has made a huge change in my fitness routine, but also being able to listen to music of podcasts without holding my phone. I am that person who has dropped her phone on the treadmill multiple times and/or had to deal with it all sweaty in my sports bra and I can tell you, neither one is fun. The armband makes it so easy because I just pop it in, don't even have to take off my case, and then go. I thought it might wiggle it's way down and need to be adjusted, but even on my sweatiest workouts I haven't felt it move. I'm really into listening to podcasts right now, so this makes a huge difference in actually enjoying the gym.  

Shop some of my favorites here: 


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