Tuesday, February 28, 2017

My February Favorites

Hi friends, happy Tuesday! It's extra special if you're here in Louisiana too, because it's also Mardi Gras! I took a break from the blog last week because I felt very overwhelmed and uninspired, but I hit the refresh button and I am back today with my February favorites! I made a list of all the lifestyle, beauty, and musical favorites I've been loving this month, so I hope you enjoy taking a peek!

1. Banana Republic Zero Gravity Ankle Jeans
I'm trying to fill gaps in my wardrobe before I start law school, and one thing I really needed was a pair of nice, dark wash skinny jeans. I saw these online and ordered them on whim and am so pleased with them! They are the perfect ankle length so I don't have to roll them, they have a bit of stretch so they're comfy, they're highwaisted, and they sort of hold up your bum and suck you in at the same time. I love the wash too because it's dark and slimming, but not black. It's more of a clean, true navy. If you're in the market for a nice, grown up pair of skinny jeans, I'd 100% give these a try! 

I came across this while I was shopping at Nordstrom and I'm so glad I took a chance and ordered it! I'm trying to incorporate more cream products into my makeup collection and I think this blush is a great place to start for people who want that dewy look but nothing too crazy. I got it in natural because I wasn't sure how strong the color would be, and I really love it. I layer my favorite blush ever on top of it if I want a darker color, but on days when I'm just wearing concealer and mascara I wear it by itself because it looks very natural and light. You just dab the little sponge on your cheek and then blend the edges with your fingers! 

I recently gave up Coke to reduce my sugar and caffeine intake and that left a huge hole in my drink options. I tried LaCroix, Perrier, and Sparkling Ice, and liked none of them. I'm not a big fan of sparkling water, but kept trying just in case. Eventually, I tried Hint and it was love at first taste. It has just the slightest sweet taste without any artificial flavorings or fake sugars. It tastes just like water with no yucky aftertaste that I find other flavored waters have. Totally recommend that you pick one up if you come across one because they have tons of flavors and they're healthy and good!

I used to use this and then stopped because I started using by Dramatically Different moisturizer. I love both, but this gives you that extra boost of hydration that you need in cold, dry weather. It's the texture of a gel, but dries quickly and doesn't feel tight or sticky at all. I use it at night after my serum, but have used it as a primer under matte foundations and it worked well like that too. It's a total dupe for the more expensive Clinque version and at $9 it's a steal.

I really did not want to like this stuff because it's $20 a bottle. BUT, I actually love it and use it religiously. It feels a but like you're oiled down at first, but in such a good, "you know it's working" type of way. It sinks in easily though and makes a great base moisturizer. I use it at night or on days when I'm not going to wear makeup and highly recommend for people with dry or sensitive skin. 

6. The Mindy Project
I highly recommend this show to anyone who is looking for something to watch or needs something quick and funny between classes or before bed. It started as just "my show", but Myles loved it so much that we ended up watching the whole thing together. Each episode is only 22 minutes, so it's easy to fit in if you're pressed for time, and we find ourselves laughing out loud the whole time. A but raunchy at times, but also hilarious writing. 

Y'ALL, I know this song is a little old, but it hits me so hard every time. She's a great singer as it is, but any child of divorce knows what that's like, and even though my parents have been divorced almost ten years it still brings me back. Such good lyrics.  


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