Friday, February 17, 2017

Fitness Files: Training for my First 5K

Happy Friday friends! I am so sorry for the lack of a post yesterday. I have had a super busy week and it just got away from me. BUT, I'm back today with a post I think you'll really like - my experience training for my first 5k + my tips for those of you who might be in the same boat! I have learned so much since I started training in January, and while I've made lots of mistakes, I've come out so much better for it and I'm so proud of myself for sticking to it, amidst all of the painful mess ups. Hopefully you can learn a thing or two from my journey towards being a well equipped runner and save yourself some trouble!
All my life I have hated running. I played soccer for nine years as a kid, so I did my fair share of it, but running on a treadmill or a track just for fun? No thanks. When Myles and I first started training in January, I would run for a bit and then feel like I was going to throw up. I chalked it up to being out of shape and just pushed through it, but it really kept me from enjoying my runs. And then the tata tamer bra from Lululemon was introduced into my life and I haven't looked back since. I included it in my "Best in Workout Wear" post, but y'all, it has literally been the single best thing I've found when it comes to the gym. I can run with no worries, and I actually LOVE it now. I'm telling you, they're worth the price, and they're actually cheaper than Nike sports bras. There is no bouncing, but they also don't give you that horrible uni-boob look that absolutely no one wants. I started with one, and now I have four (!!!). I'd say to size up one band size and try that. I usually wear a size 32 band and I have 2 in 34 and 2 in 36. 
My second best training find has been my lovely running shoes. They're not super cute like my Nike free runs, but they are SO much better on my feet. I ran for about 2 weeks in the Nikes and was having some serious shin splint issues. Before, I was totally not a believer in spending $150 on shoes just for running that weren't even really cute and looked a bit like orthopedics, but MAN, they've changed my life completely. I still use my Nikes for weight days, but strictly wear my Brooks when I'm running.  I cannot say how important it was for me to have my feet checked out by a person who actually knew what they were doing, because it turns out I have high arches. Had I known that and gotten the right shoes fairly early on, I wouldn't have the painful issues I have now. Currently I ice my shins after each run and wear compression sleeves, but I really think if I'd had the right shoes from the beginning it'd be smooth sailing.
PRO-TIP : Check out for running shoes. They carry last year's models, but they're all brand new. I bought my Brooks Ghost 8s from there and saved $70! 

Last but not least, I have really embraced the Nike Run app and now use it for all of my runs, whether outside or on the treadmill. It uses arm movements to track you on the treadmill or GPS to track your runs outside. I love that it notifies me at each mile so I don't have to constantly check my Fitbit, plus I find it's much more accurate. It also stores your previous runs and tracks your progress, which I love! Each person has a personal trainer who encourages you and tells you your stats after each mile, and I love the little messages I get while I'm running. It makes me push harder to make each mile better! 

I've included some of my favorite workout apparel below, but checkout my "Best in Workout Wear" to see all my favorite finds!

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