Tuesday, March 14, 2017

4 New Apps + Companies Everyone Should Know About

 Good morning friends! I swear my life has felt like whirlwind since Christmas and I can't believe it's already mid-March. However, in all the craziness, I've managed to find some really cool "new to me" companies and products, plus an app I think everyone should have on their phone! If you like free food and classic style, I think you're gonna love today's post!

Daily Goodie Box // This company reached out to me in January and asked if they could send me a box to try, and to be honest, I thought there was going to be some sort of catch. Basically, you visit the website, create an account, and then they send you a free goodie box with lots of things to try. The more you review them and send in feedback, the more you receive. Now that I've gotten a box, I totally recommend that everyone sign up because they things they send are actually really great products and there is 100% no catch. They don't ask for credit card info and the box arrives at your door super quickly! I've participated in other subscription boxes and wasn't very pleased with what I received. Lots of times I get things I have no interest in, are not relevant to my daily life, or don't fit me at all (aka 10 shades too dark foundation). Everything in this box look yummy (healthy too!) and went with the theme of "good for you" snacks. All except for the anti-itch cream! Anyway, I totally recommend you check it out! Especially those of you who are college kids and wouldn't mind a few free snacks here and there!

Genius Scan // Y'ALL, this is genius, hence the name. I have to scan papers all of the time for school or work and I'm not always near a printer and then fax or scanner. This app scans documents in singles or in groups using your phone camera and then you can email them to yourself or whoever you need to. It crops it perfectly so you don't get any background and the email file looks exactly like you used a real scanner. I can't believe I never looked up an app for this before, but it makes total sense with how good iPhone cameras are these days that they can do this. I think everyone should have it on their phone just in case!

Everlane // I found this company through a fellow blogger who posted about this silk shirt. I loved how it looked on her and so I ended up ordering one for me, as well as this "100% human" box cut tee. I love simple, clean basics and Everlane has TONS. If you just want well made lounge wear, they've got it. If you want clean cut, classic work wear, they've got that too. They are also completely transparent about cost and pricing, so you know exactly what you're paying for. LOVE!

Abbott Lyon // I have been looking for a nice, grown up watch for a while now. I got one in high school that was covered in fake jewels and huge on my wrist and I quickly outgrew it. Since I'm starting law school soon, I wanted one that would go with everything and grow with me and I found the perfect company in Abbott Lyon. The watches are elegant but stylish and I love their simplicity. I find that they fairly priced, well made, and shop quickly, especially since they're made it England. I have the Rose Gold Kensington 34 and it arrived at my doorstep only 4 days after I ordered it, including a Sunday! 

  And that's it folks! I hope y'all enjoyed hearing about some of my new finds and some of these are new to you too! See you Thursday!

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