Thursday, March 23, 2017

Healthy Snacks I Always Have on Hand

When it comes to eating right and making sensible choices, snack time is the worst for me. I can eat healthy foods all day long and then come 3 o'clock on a long day or 9 o'clock on the weekend and man, all I want is cookie dough and an ice cold Coke. Because I know this about myself, I've been trying to only stock my fridge with things that are better calorie and macro wise than those sugary things, but still are a good, filling snack or a sweet treat! If you're overwhelmed with options and aren't sure what to keep on hand snack wise, this one's for you!

Savory Snacks: 

As you can see, I try to keep a good mix of savory and sweet snacks. When I need a little pick me up before the gym or want something small to supplement a protein shake for lunch, I grab one of these. 
I keep 2oz hummus singles, low fat cheese sticks, and Sargento balanced breaks with almonds, cranberries, and cheese on hand for just those occasions! The hummus is great for a snack right before or after a meal because it's light but filling, and the Sargento snack breaks are great for a but of sugar and healthy fat before the gym. I also have a huge bag of roasted almonds that I portion out into mini ziplocs because they're easy to throw in my purse and don't have to be refrigerated. I make sure to have them for long shopping trips, days at work, or when I am going straight out after the gym. If I'm prepared with a healthy snack, I won't reach for (or pay for) something unhealthy! 

 Sweet Snacks: 

For those times that I'm craving something sweet but don't want to blow all of my hard work on ice cream, I turn to this bunch! I love having a Chobani flip after dinner as a treat, but don't eat these everyday as they are quite sugary. However, the greek yogurt does fill me up and satisfy my cravings! During the day, I really enjoy having a bite of two from the Hail Merry bites collection. I found these at Whole Foods and they taste like cookie dough but are so much more filling. They're all organic, and while they have sugar, they also have other good ingredients that give you energy and make you feel more full. My favorite are the salted caramel and I highly recommend them if you can find them! I found a recipe on Pinterest for some very similar no-cook protein balls and I'll be making those very soon! Last but not least, the thing that has surprised me most, I LOVE flavored Hint water. I don't like carbonated water or any flavored waters usually as I find that flavor too strong and sweet. Hint is so subtle and had no added sugars or calories, which I love, but I haven't missed Coke at all since I started drinking it. To me, it's just as refreshing as plain water, with just a hint of sweetness to keep me from reaching for soda! 

If you're trying to eat healthier, lose weight, or just get in shape for your health, I hope this helps! Tuesday's post was on clean eating and how simple it is to eat clean, so check that out for more inspiration and information!


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