Thursday, March 16, 2017

My Favorite Podcasts

Good morning friends! Is it just me or has this week after Daylight Savings dragged on and on? I think it's probably because I've been eagerly awaiting a package that's coming on Friday and so I've been counting down the days all week. Today, I thought I'd talk to you about my favorite podcasts. My current reading list post seemed to be one you guys really liked, so I thought you might enjoy getting a few podcast sumaries/recommendations! Until recently, I only listened to podcasts on long car trips, but there are SO many and I actually prefer to listen to them over music when I'm in my car or at the gym. Plus, podcasts are free, so why not? 
1 // Serial
I know, I know. This is everyone's favorite. But there are still people out there who haven't listened to it, and it started the whole podcast thing for me, so I have to mention it. Myles and I listened to this on the way home from Amelia Island last year and the hour long (ish) episodes worked perfectly with our drive times and potty stops. I love mysteries, especially murder mysteries, and the back and forth of this podcast is what drew me in. It's so freaky to me that even the girl investigating can't decide if he committed the crime or not and oh my goodness I got sucked it immediately. It's about a man who may or may not have murdered his ex girlfriend in high school and was committed of the crime based on evidence that in some ways is totally circumstantial and in some ways seems absolutely damning. Just give it a try if you haven't already, it's a great one to dip your toes in on. 
2 // My Favorite Murder
Y'all, I know what you're thinking. You're thinking "I don't love murder, that's absurd." But I'm telling you, I have become obsessed with this podcast and I think anyone who loves true crime will too. Basically, every episode, the two hosts, Karen and Georgia, go through some random chit chatting about current events and then they discuss their favorite murder for that week. Sometimes it's themed, sometimes it's not, and they go into tons of detail as well as their theories about who did it. The first one is a little rough and tumble, but I promise that if you stick with it, you'll find yourself laughing aloud but also cringing at all of the horrible murder details. 
3 // Refuge 7:37
This is a totally different direction from 1 and 2, because this podcast is actually live recordings of a church on LSU's campus. It's a non-denom and the main pastor, Chris Cook, is so good at getting a message that's over 2000 years old across without being stuffy, but being totally relatable. It's no secret that I think many religions today are hypocritical and judgemental. I think church, and Jesus, and religion are sticky subjects these days, but I think these podcasts are great because they're funny and modern, but you learn a lot about things Jesus actually said and did and all the ways he has loved us from the very beginning. There are tons of episode on every topic imaginable, so I highly recommend picking one that seems interesting and starting there. I love listening to them in the early morning on my way to work or before I go to bed because they're calming, reassuring, and get me refocused. 
4 // Denton Bible Relationship Series
Please don't judge me for starting this post off with murder podcasts and ending it with religious ones, it was totally unintentional but also very telling about what gives me anxiety and then what helps take it away. Anyway, this series is series of sermons given by Pastor Tommy Nelson on the Song of Solomon. He goes through each part of a relationship (courtship, dating, etc) and discusses the biblical design for those stages as well as uses Solomon as an example for those of us dating now. Myles and I have gone through the whole series twice and we always find that it refocuses us as well as encourages us to try to listen to each other better and incorporate these ideals in our relationship everyday. I listened to it before Myles though and found it just as encouraging and inspiring. Tommy Nelson has such a way with words and he tells the truth that makes you think without making you feel attacked or self-righteous. This podcast and the lessons in it definitely shaped the standards I held for my significant other and they still shape Myles and I's relationship now. 10/10 recommend for those of you single, dating, married, or divorced. It's all relevant to every stage of life and I think you'll love it! 
I hope you enjoyed my reviews and podcast suggestions! Please let me know your thoughts and recommendations below! If you are looking for book suggestions, you can find my current reading list here


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