Tuesday, April 25, 2017

What to Wear for Graduation + 3 Tips for a Perfect Graduation Day

Hi friends, happy Tuesday! I am so excited for today's post because this season of graduation and excitement for what is to come is so joyful to me! Whether it's high school, college, or grad school, graduation is such a time to celebrate because graduating is a huge accomplishment. 
Today I thought I'd share my favorite picks for a graduation dress. I kept everything under $150, but made sure there were plenty of color and fabric options so that no matter what, there's something perfect for your day! I wore white for both my high school and college graduation because it was light and went easily with my cap and gown, but I personally feel like any solid, classic shape will be perfect!

My 3 Tips for a stress free, fun-filled graduation day are:


1 // Prepare ahead of time.
Steam your gown and dress and lay everything out, from clothes, to jewelry, to shoes the night before. It's so much nicer to wake up and have everything ready to go then have to figure out what to wear and get it prepped. 
2 // Make a plan for the day and communicate it to family/friends. 
On my graduation day, I didn't graduate until 3 in the afternoon, so my family came in early and we had lunch before the ceremony. I had forgotten to make a reservation, but luckily I had factored in enough time that we were able to sit by the bar and enjoy a drink while we waited for the table. Obviously, not everyone will be as prompt or as prepared as you, so make sure when you schedule out whatever you're planning you add in time for traffic and little mishaps and you clearly communicate those plans. No one can read your mind, but most people are willing to do what you ask of them if you ask nicely!
3 // Relax and enjoy your day!
I know that everyone says this, and especially when you're Type A like me, it is very hard. But I tried to make a concerted effort to stop, take a couple of breaths, and just commit to memory the feeling of hearing my name and walking across the stage because it's something I want to remember and be proud of forever. I had a bit of trouble just letting go and not fretting about every single minute of the day and it was actually so much more fun that day. I told everyone what I wanted out of the day (lunch and my party that night) and thankfully everyone showed up when they were supposed to and helped to make it work, but really I just let things go! Graduation Day is all about celebrating with your family and friends, so as long as you can do that, try not to worry so much about the little details and a perfect timeline!

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