Tuesday, May 16, 2017

My Style Inspiration + Where I Shop

I get asked all the time where I like to shop and how I find well made classic pieces that I can wear for years to come. Well, today I thought I'd tell y'all all about it! 
For me, my favorite outfit to wear is one that is comfy but put together, with well cut basic pieces and a few trendy things thrown in here and there. As y'all well know by now, my style icon is Kate Middleton and man, do I wish I had her closet. She is classic, graceful, put together but never over the top, and always so timeless. From her hair, to her accessories, to her shoes she always shines but not in a "center of attention" kind of way. That is 100% my goal for my life and style.
When it comes to shopping, I am forever and always a J. Crew girl with a penchant for designer bags *lol*. I know some people hate it, but I love online shopping, especially at places like Nordstrom where you get free shipping and returns, because I do no have time to pay for things that may not work out...no thanks! My favorite brands are J. Crew, Madewell, Gap, Banana Republic, and Loft. The key to online shopping is reviews, reviews, reviews. I go through every one that I can and take all of their advice into consideration when I'm deciding what style or size I need. I rarely have issues after that!

Easy Style

The things I turn to time and time again are my nude flats, a well fitting pair of jeans, a nice watch, classic sunglasses, my pearl earrings, which are sentimental as well as cute, and a nude bag! I can make such a cute but casual outfit by putting all of them together, but each of those pieces can be mixed, matched, or added to anything in my closet, which makes me feel like I have tons of outfits in only a few pieces.
The best thing you can do is invest in pieces that are a more neutral color, have things tailored to fit you well, and never fill your closet with only trendy things. Once you have a few good "go with anything" pieces, then mix in a few trendier, more colorful ones until you have a good balance. I'll do a "staple wardrobe items" post soon, but I hope this helps! Always, always, always quality over quantity!

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